PhotoPlus X7

Photo editing just got easier

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102 people who bought this rated it 4.87 out of 5

Mr D Jackson

17 Nov 2014

“Have been enjoying the software and becoming more familiar now.”

Mr Charles Kearton

14 Nov 2014

“I am happy with the product, although I have not yet had the opportunity toexplore its full potential.”

Mr Christopher Leffler

11 Nov 2014

“SO far I have not stretched it but it works fine, though I am having a problem with printing two small pix I had manipulated in PhtoPlus and imported into a PagePlus 8.service sheet. I suspect a hardware problem at present.”

Mr Tom Rinker
The Villages

11 Nov 2014

“excellent, not hard to use, well done”

Mr Robert De Angelis
Boynton Beach

10 Nov 2014

“I WAS an Adobe and Corel product user. I tried the demo version and upgraded to the full version. Serif has created a software that is easier to use and packed with features, some of which are better designed then the competition. Add to this Serif products are very cost effective. The result is I purchased webplus, pageplus and drawplus. I love all these products. I can’t wait for the release of the new drawplus.”

Mr Alan Ford
Sissing Hurst

31 Oct 2014

“Very happy with the new version and as usual software a pleasure to use.
l have been using Serif products for more years than l dare say, always reliable for me..Photoplus X7 I love the new photo distortion feature filter a real pleasure and so easy to apply..l am still playing with X7 and would recommend it already ...Another first class product ...l would also like to add my grateful thanks to the Technical support team for helping me adjust my computer to 32bit ...Big thanks SERIF”

Mr R Williams

31 Oct 2014

“Excellent photo editing system, I have been using Serif editing software for several years and have always found their products first class PhotoPlus X7 is up there with the very best.”

Mr Brian Foster
Nr Canterbury

31 Oct 2014

“Definitely an improvement on X6. I have found that working with it is almost intuitive without having to resort, too much, to the manual. Goes beyond that normal standard for a new product of Serif. OK so I am a biased long term supporter/client of your company.”

Mr Julian Williams

31 Oct 2014

“Has all the features I need with an easy to use interface. Very pleased.”

Mr Willam Howden

30 Oct 2014

“I have used PhotoPlus editing software since PhotoPlus3 edition and found every edition does what it was set out for and was fairly easy to get to grips with and PhotoPlus7 is no exception absolutely great obviously having used the prior editions makes using it easier but if you read the resource guide you can be sure to get it right. The more you use this program the better it gets. I recommend this product for excellent quality,price and most of all the great program that it is. ****Well Done Serif****”

Mr Nick Harris

29 Oct 2014

“My job as a full time, freelance illustrator demands that I process artwork prior to delivery, making sure it's compatible with whatever software the publishers are using. To be clear, I do not use PhotoPlus to paint in, but to make final adjustments to finsihed artwork in. I've been more than happy with the results Serif software delivers, and have had no complaints from the publishers either.

The latest version of PhotoPlus feels smoother and more solid to use than any of its predecessors so far - and I had very few if any complaints about those either. This one just seems like the best so far to me. The adjustments set is more comprehensive than ever, and there have been steps forward in aspects of each tool set I habitually use too. More power to you Serif.”

Mr John Stanford

25 Oct 2014

“I have been using PhotoPlus since version 3 and find that PhotoPlus x7 is the easiest and best version of PhotoPlus that I have used, my particular interest is in restoration of old photos and find it excellent for this. it is easy to use and the backup and help are second to none”

Mr Graham Shaw
Sandbach Cheshire

14 Oct 2014

“This product is so much better than Photo Plus x4 that I had it is so much easier to use and easier to understand and works perfectly. There is still so much to be learned.
I am trying to learn how to put photo's into different folders or locations.Any ideas where to look?
It found photo's I didn't know I had.
Otherwise this is a brilliant product!”

Mr Mario Lore

10 Oct 2014

“photo plus x7 is the best as with other Serif programs that I bought.
The customer service is great, and being an active customer has it's benefits. thank a lot Serif I will buy from you anytime Mario”

Mr Harry Smith

24 Sep 2014

“My photo editing needs are relatively simple. And the programme does all that I could ask of it. Quick and easy, and without fuss. But as yet I haven't have the need or opportunity to delve into the programme in depth. But I certainly haven't come across anything. That would cause me problems.”

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