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11 people who bought this rated it 3.55 out of 5

Mr Phil Broadbent

16 May 2016

“Have used Serif products and just updated to photo plus x8. Find it easy to use, fast on quick fix and use to professional standard.”

Mr Jerry Willer

25 Mar 2016

“I've used Paintshop Pro for many years, but it frequently shuts down for me, so I tried PhotoPlus X8. Here are my showstoppers: 1) Poor perspective correction - multistep process, doesn't work as well as PSP's easy-to-use tool; 2) Replace Color Tool only changes hue, not lightness. PSP's tool does both - I often need both, particularly for monochrome images; 3)No Edge Illumination Effects (spotlights) - Useful for images with faded or darkened edges; 4) No split or combine channel options to enable working with a single separation only and then recombine; 5) Many operations require merging layers first; this creates extra steps; 6) Haven't found any ability for math operations yet (maybe they're there... don't know).

There are some neat features in PhotoPlus X8, but I'm forced to go back to Corel's Paintshop Pro even though it hangs on me frequently.

I use a lot of Serif's products happily, but this one doesn't cut it for my needs.


Broseley UK

18 Mar 2016

“The Photo editing software does seem to be powerful, versatile, and nicely presented alongside such as Photoshop Elements - but as a look at the Serif community forums will show, the Serif PhotoStack software that's bundled with it has some annoying limitations and faults.”

Duarte Guerreiro

12 Dec 2015

“For the price this is a awesome software. I use Drawplus X8 for vectors artwork, but I'm hopping using this one for bitmap drawing and image control. It have very good features not only for photos modifications but also for 3rd party plugins. It's very easy to use :D

A good tip for future reference: I know that PhotoPlus have their own brushes file type (.sbr) that's basically an compressed files with XML files for coding and PNG files for brushes and thumbs... but there's almost no brushes out there ... having a possibility to import .abr brushes and save a headegg with convertions and having more brushes option and controls, would be a major feature to this software! It would put PhotoPlus above the most software when it comes to Bitmap Drawing ;-) For a Hobbyist thats the only thing missing here but beside taht we get everything else on it.”

Mr D Reed

8 Dec 2015

“I am a beginner with Photoplus X8. I found the software extremely easy to use giving stunning results to my photographs both old and new. I watched some of the tutorials that showed me how to do everything that I wanted to do. I made image adjustments, corrections and added text with ease. I enjoyed using Photoplus and will learn to do more.”

Mr Mick McConkey

26 Nov 2015

“Waste of money. No better than previous versions in my honest opinion”


5 Nov 2015

“PhotopPlus X8 is as close to Photoshop as you can currently get on a budget, even compared to PaintShop Pro. What I found was that it favours the work-flow of Photoshop, it even shares many keyboard short-cuts making the transition easier. For the money, it's a real bargain, especially when there is a deal on, which Serif are famous for.

Photoplus X8 also has good support for many Adjustment layers from Photoshop .PSDs, which is great.

A few extras that would make it excellent though are:

A darker interface, especially the canvas.

I'd also like to see the anti-aliasing fixed on zoom percentages other than 25, 50 and 100% etc.

A method to import vectors such as .svg/.eps/.ai, converted to rasters after import of course, they wouldn't need to be editable just retain an alpha.

It's well worth the purchase - love it.”

Mr Emmanuel Etchells-Ayre
St Austel

23 Sep 2015

“I find this to be a brilliant editing Program, far better than many others I have tried, everything is easily done with very few if any hiccups, I would certainly recommend it to anyone asking about Photo Editing software ...”

Mr Ivan Slapp

1 Sep 2015

“The application is at least as good as the previous version - which is very good; unfortunately it is still impossible to save the edited photographs as Jpegs - although I was assured that was possible.”

Serif Says:

Thanks for your feedback. To save your photograph as a JPEG, simply select 'Export' from the file menu rather than 'Save As'.

Hope that helps.

Mr Thomas Cheng
Watchung, NJ

1 Sep 2015

“I've played around with this for a few hours. I've evaluated a bunch of other programs too, but this one seems very good. The main thing that impressed me is the brush performance on large canvas. The Brush runs butter smooth, which makes it faster than some other programs. If you are familiar with Photoshop, I don't think this will take you long to learn.

I have 2 requests:

1) Provide the option to use a dark gray color scheme. This helps my eyes when I work long hours in front of the screen.
2) Allow the use of Photoshop brushes. It already takes photoshop filters, but there are a huge resource of photoshop brushes and I would like to use them. Other lesser programs can do this, I don't see why Photo Plus can't either.

Thanks for the great program.”

M Gilliland

1 Sep 2015

“At first sight I thought I was going to like it. I have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop at work, and an ancient version at home, and only use it for changing image size, cropping images, and creating business cards. Making the odd brochure graphic. Nothing advanced. I can work as easily in Version 6 as I can in the latest version.

I figured at the price I would get what I needed: the basic elements of Photoshop. I don't need the advanced features.

The first basic design element I found missing was "Step Backward." I use that one a lot, and Photoplus doesn't have it. Now I have to figure out a different plan after 15 years of Photoshop.

The second basic element I found missing was the ability to cut an image and paste it into a new image with a larger canvas. Instead of the software creating a new layer without my intervention, and automatically allowing me to drag it across the larger canvas to position it, Photoplus just pastes the image I copied into a NEW image - the same size and shape as the copied content - and the canvas is somewhere else. I'll have to read up to find out how to merge the two.

Which is a minus to me. I don't like feeling forced to read manuals for things I think are elementary. If software is designed properly, I shouldn't have to.

I want software to be intuitive, and if a software company compares its software to Photoshop (which the salesman did) I expect even the most basic beginner features to be there. I'm sure there's a way to do these and other things I imagine I'll encounter along the way, and now take for granted in Photoshop. But I just want to sit down and work with something I know will do what I want. I'm not making a career out of editing images. I just want to be able to do the basic things I want to do.”