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Dr John Walton

5 Sep 2014

“PhotoPlus X7 is an excellent product and meets all my image software needs. The extensive help and tutorial systems are extremely useful if not essential. Only ctriticism is that searching for a topic when the user is unfamiliar with the tech jargon can be time consuming. A Plus for ease of use otherwise.”

Mr Ken Brown
Griffin Road

4 Sep 2014

“I found PhotoPlus X7 easy to use especially when I listen to the videos, not so much the user guide.”

Mr Robert Renslow

2 Sep 2014

“I haven't had a chance to use the program yet, but I know I
was well pleased with the other versions. One question though?
Does PhotoPlus X7 support Pantone colors, C,M,Y,K.”

Mr Mike Salter

31 Aug 2014

“I was initially hesitant to upgrade to PhotoPlus X7 but now I am so glad I did. The improvements, like the preview for the clone tool, is just what I wanted. And of course, I can use my scanner in the 64 bit version. I am very please with it and PhotoPlus just keeps getting better!”

Mr Stephen Turton
dudley west midlands

27 Aug 2014

“thanks yes i must say it is a lot better , my only problem is trying
to make a plugin with topaz , it just will not work, maybe you
can tell me why,
kind regards, stephen.”

Mr Cullen Sutton

4 Aug 2014

“I am very pleased with the new improvements to PhotoPlus X7”

Mr N Woolf

30 Jul 2014

“For the money it is as good as it gets. There are plenty of other software that do the same things but the extra features are almost never used.
With X7 I do notice that the export facility does not make it so easy to change the size of the finished product. However lots of other things are much easier.”

Mr Robin McHaffie
Kirk Yetholm

29 Jul 2014

“Great product as good with as many features as any photo editing software and perhaps easier to use.”

Mr John Lambie

28 Jul 2014

“I have not found any difference yet from x6. The only aspect has been, that so far the programme has had to close when it contained multiple photographs.”

Mr James Marland

28 Jul 2014

“PhotoPlus X7 seems to be a very good product but I can't see myself using the features introduced since X6 and this version therefore offers me very little extra.
I will continue to evaluate it for the next few weeks but the chances are that I will return it.”

Mr. Norm Noble

27 Jul 2014

“I am certain the feature is there, but I have not found it -- and probably if I found it, I would be unable to use it. I want the ability to take something out of one photo and place it in another --like taking a person from one and putting that person in another.”

Mr P J de Beer
Cape Town

23 Jul 2014

“I upgrade every two years and usually am pleased with the extra features I discover as I work with each upgrade. As I have only recently
purchased PhotoPlus X7, I am mostly using what I am familiar with from X5 which was an excellent upgrade from X4. PhotoPlus X7 has already impressed me with more natural looking photos after the adjustments and alterations have been made. I love the new clone tool and find the curves tool to be less dramatic than X5. The scale on the slider changing brush size is new to me and better to control. So far I think X7 is great to use and I look forward to discovering more of its
potential. I have used PhotoPlus exclusively for many years.”

Mr John Pratt
Milton Keynes

23 Jul 2014

“Well refined product. My wife loves using it. Very stable and responsive”

Mr Paul Allton
King'S Lynn

22 Jul 2014

“I have enjoyed "playing with" Photoplus X7 and discovering its many features. The tutorials are very useful and clear and I have found the Resource Guide very helpful.I look forward to getting to know this new friend better!”

Mr Jorge Costa

22 Jul 2014

“A great software, very powerfull, easy to use and comparing with others not at all expensive.”

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