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227 people who bought this rated it 4.48 out of 5

Mr Derek Pitcher
Newcastle upon Tyne

24 Mar 2015

“Excellent bit of software that is easy to use. I use it all the time to adjust my photos.”

Mr Alan Gray

24 Mar 2015

“I'm new to this type of software and in the short time that I have been using this product, (with the help and guidance of the on-line tutorials) I have managed to achieve some very good results, especially on old photographs which were in need of quite a lot of work to get them looking better.
This is definitely a good product and is easy to learn.”

Mr Rhoderic Taylor

24 Mar 2015

“The product takes a little while to grasp some of the basic points with regard to using the organiser and sorting folders.However the User and Resource Guides are quite helpful and worth getting.
The organisation is helpful when contacted although sometimes bonuses offered on emails are already on your product which gets a bit confusing.”

Mr Brian Fountain

23 Mar 2015

“not bad does what it is supposed to do in the short time in which I've had the software.
it takes time to change over from other products.
so on that basis I rate it four stars.”

Mr Richard Moult

16 Mar 2015

“I am enjoying the new features and find it as easy to use as all your products are.”

Ms Sylvia Sutton

15 Mar 2015

“i was anxious to receive this software
but when it arrived I was overwhelmed
and put it aside telling myself that
another day I would have the time
and fortitude to figure out all that
Serif had to offer. It is much later
now but I still have that big project
sitting there.
Maybe I am unusual, but it is me.
So my review is yet to come.
.but given the welcome support
I was given when ordering I am
sure the software will be rated
as I did below.”


15 Mar 2015


Mr Leonard Shaw

15 Mar 2015

“Perfect software. Easy to use, almost does it for you automatically.
Best PhotoPlus yet.”

Mr Peter Curran

11 Mar 2015

“Hi I think PhotoPlusX7 is a vary good program for editing photos it is easy to use for both beginers and experienced photographers alike.”

Mr John Huxley

10 Mar 2015

“Does far more than it says 'on the tin'!”

Mr Bob Higgins

10 Mar 2015

“I am a new customer but so far the facilities of this product are impressive”

Mr Nigel Dawes

10 Mar 2015

“Was offered a great deal for the software and surprisingly very easy to use, once you know which buttons to use and where they are.”

Mr John Bennett
Shamley Green

9 Mar 2015

“Excellent product, have only had time to look through the basics of the product and follow some of the teaching programs but the content is comprehensive and extends the mere taking of a photograph into a secondary phase which was not possible before. As an amateur artist it offers an interesting opportunity to link the two interests of art and photography together in a unique way.”

Mr William Wells

8 Mar 2015

“Does exactly what it says on the tin but at a fantastically low cost”

Mr Paul Harbottle
Woburn Sands, UK

7 Mar 2015

“I use PhotoPlus, PagePlus and WebPlus to create a web site and, at other times, posters for the parish council. This software set works so well together. Each piece of software lets me do exactly what I want and I can create pages of interest so easily with the many features available. Then it just slots together!
The downside is that you have to take the tutorials and learn how each part works best for you but with that little bit of effort the amazing is possible.”

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