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Customer Reviews

237 people who bought this rated it 4.49 out of 5

Mr Earl Dingle
Shermans Dale

1 Jul 2015

“PhotoPlus X7 is very powerful without being overly complicated. I am very pleased with this software.”

Mr Rodney Hocking

21 Jun 2015

“Great software at a great price. Easy to use and the results are fantastic! Keep up the excellent work on all your software!”

Mr Richard Silver
Las Vegas

17 Jun 2015

“Does what I need it to. Priced right. Has all the features I need as an amateur photographer and doing photo editing.”

K Garrett

14 Jun 2015

“So far, I have enjoyed using PhotoPlus X7. I am an X Photoshop user and was very proficient with it. I created children's educational math books with it.
I haven't had a chance to use PPX7 extensively, yet. I am now retired from book creation and use it for editing photos for my Etsy Shop.
What I have found is it is very similar to PS and so far I have been able to do everything I wanted to accomplish with my photo editing. What I am very pleased with is the pricing of the software. One of my major gripes and always been is the ridiculous pricing of Adobe's SW.”

Mr Arthur Roe

14 Jun 2015

“The Best photo editor on the market”

Mr Antony Gray

12 Jun 2015

“Very good product, does all I want it to.”

Mr Mike Vincent-Piper

5 Jun 2015

“Great product having great fun altering my photos I find it better then the other one called photo....”

Mr. Norman Thompson

23 May 2015

“The little bit I have used so far is great. Thanks for the special deal!”

Mr Ian Overington

12 Apr 2015

“Having now explored PhotoPlus X7 for a few days on a computer running Windows 8.1 I am very pleased with some of its capabilities. However, at the same time I am very disappointed that a number of simple operations which I am used to using much of the time do not seem to be available at all!!! Therefore, for these what should be simple tasks (for my needs) I am forced to keep a very old graphics program Picture Publisher 8 running under Windows XP on an aging computer.

This doesn't seem to me to be very good progress!”

Mr Wayne Piccin

24 Mar 2015

“I bought Serif 7 primarily to manage and improve the quality of photographs. So far I've improved some images much as I did previously with Adobe Photoshop but I still don't see a good method to change the order of photographs in an album. i am going to try to manipulate dates next but that's kind of clunky.”

Mr Derek Pitcher
Newcastle upon Tyne

24 Mar 2015

“Excellent bit of software that is easy to use. I use it all the time to adjust my photos.”

Mr Alan Gray

24 Mar 2015

“I'm new to this type of software and in the short time that I have been using this product, (with the help and guidance of the on-line tutorials) I have managed to achieve some very good results, especially on old photographs which were in need of quite a lot of work to get them looking better.
This is definitely a good product and is easy to learn.”

Mr Rhoderic Taylor

24 Mar 2015

“The product takes a little while to grasp some of the basic points with regard to using the organiser and sorting folders.However the User and Resource Guides are quite helpful and worth getting.
The organisation is helpful when contacted although sometimes bonuses offered on emails are already on your product which gets a bit confusing.”

Mr Brian Fountain

23 Mar 2015

“not bad does what it is supposed to do in the short time in which I've had the software.
it takes time to change over from other products.
so on that basis I rate it four stars.”

Mr Richard Moult

16 Mar 2015

“I am enjoying the new features and find it as easy to use as all your products are.”

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