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Customer Reviews

224 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.31 out of 5

Mr Eric Atkinson

26 Apr 2014

“Sorry, this will appear to be a strange review. I have not had chance to spend much time using this software yet, because I have been too busy on the farm. It's lambing time here.
As always, all the Serif software I have bought, has been excellent and I don't expect Photoplus to be any different.
Sorry I can't be more specific.”

Mr Robin McHaffie
Kirk Yetholm

25 Apr 2014

“An amazing breadth of possibilities with this tool that keeps getting better.
I just wish I had the time to use it to its full potential.”

Mr David Mason

24 Apr 2014

“Best product you make. The only one the sales people did not lie to me about. Basically the rest of your stuff is useless for my purposes.”

Mr Michael Deeley

23 Apr 2014

“Great easy no probs”

Mr Jeffory Carlson

22 Apr 2014

“I use the program mostly for family photos. Long distance of course.”

Mr Paul Biggs

18 Apr 2014

“I have been using Photo Plus ever since it first came out.

I have had a few issues with this software in the early stages of its development but on each new edition it gets much better.

The latest PhotoPlus X6 is excellent and compares favourably with Photoshop with a few exceptions. One of my favorites is the HDR work. There is no doubt that Serif have come up with a good and competitive alternative to Adobe elements and Photoshop. The instructions could be a little better and more clearer. But the video Tutors are very good. So now we are "cooking with Gas"”

Mr George Weir

15 Apr 2014

“Brilliant easy to use beats photo shop hands down best product i have ever purchased.”

Mr Jim Stephenson

8 Apr 2014

“I find the initial work (editing some grey scale photos from WWI) very laborious and moving amongst the various tools time-consuming. I was expecting to do pixel by pixel work as MS Paint but I couldn't. I'll have to keep on trying.”

Mark Phillips

7 Apr 2014

“Fantastic programme does everything you want it to do, A lot cheaper but just a powerful as some other packages out there.”

Mr Ben Simpson

7 Apr 2014

“Great photo Editing Program”

Mr John Edwards

6 Apr 2014

“Early days for me, but so far I have found PhotoPlus X6 very easy to use. From basic enhancements to sophisticated editing, very intuitive and well thought out functionality. Tutorial videos are excellent when trying something for the first time, or as a refresher.
Still lots to explore and discover, but not intimidated as I was with Photoshop.”

Mr henning schmidt

5 Apr 2014

“good program”

Mr J Chudha

4 Apr 2014

“I find PhotoPlus X6 very useful for my profession as an architect and
Ecological Planning Consultant”

Miss Ann Pocklington

4 Apr 2014

“It would be even better if it didn't keep asking me to register when I did that ages ago. It is really irritating.
The Cutout Studio is what lifts it above others of the same price range.”

Mr Ken Hughes

27 Mar 2014

“Brill programme and easy to use and move around in and had great effects and tools to use, my advice would be to read the manual first before you start, it's very informative, well done serif. I give 4 stars because I don't think any programme is perfect there is always room for improvement, but this is not far off being perfect.”

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