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264 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.46 out of 5

Mr Don Peterson

5 Aug 2015

“I just started using it but am impressed. I just need to really have time to spend with it and I would be better suited to give you an accurate review.”

Mr Patrick Cameron
El Cajon

5 Aug 2015

“From the little time I have had using the new version, I like it.”

Mr D Ashby

3 Aug 2015

“Similar good performance to X5, but with same annoying shortfalls. I find the colour selection routine obscure, unless I happen to carry the RGB figures in my head; thank goodness for the excellent 'dropper'. Also, I have never managed to find out how to set & reset default text properties. This probably comes down to inadequacies in the 'Help' content, as I cannot believe that this is not buried in there somewhere, as in most respects it is a very complete package and very good value for money.”

Mr Bernard Bell

2 Aug 2015

“As with all Serif products purchased PhotoPlus X7 continues this fine work.”

Mr Tony Downing
Wiggenhall St. Mary Magda

29 Jul 2015

“Still very comprehensive but complex, I am wrestling with it and getting there slowly, the learning package is helpful too”

Mr William Coomber
Rochester Kent

24 Jul 2015

“I find PhotoPlus X7 very good. It took a time to follow the instructions.”

Mr Alan Cook
East Susex

24 Jul 2015

“I am still finding my around with some tools great for editing
photos.I find the help tool a very helpful guide and easy to understand
I highly recommend this product to friends. The support team are
grate to”

Mr Peter Snow
West Bromwich

23 Jul 2015

“Great product, just many features hidden away and need to trawl through help files for instruction.”

Mr Allan Koven

23 Jul 2015

“PhotoPlus X7 is a very comprehensive program. It would be interesting to see a side by side comparison with Photo Shop.
Also more tutorials and examples would be great.
I have always had a good experience with Serif. Too bad others have not heard about it.”

Mr Thomas Ward

21 Jul 2015

“As purely a hobby user I enjoy using Photo Plus X7 and learning as I do so. Affordable Software!”

Mr Gerry Ryan

21 Jul 2015

“i do not find it intuitive but once you have discovered how to use the toolbars it does a great job. It is a very versatile program delivering excellent results.
The video tutorials are first class.”

Mr Phillip Salter

21 Jul 2015

“This is a great product, offering lots of features for low cost. However, I do not believe the colour management feature works. I have a canon i8750 printer with canon inks and use a both canon papers and permajet oyster papers (previously calibrated). When selecting colour management and an icc profile in PhotoPlus X7, the image in the print studio appears fine, but colours are totally different in the print output. (I do turn off colour management in the printer). My screen has been calibrated and I do not have a problem in Lightroom or Nikon Nx-D or Olympus viewer software. I also think that perhaps an auto setting in the Photo filter window would help as a starting point - as is done in Phase one capture 1.”

Mr Frank Whalen

19 Jul 2015

“I have used Photo Plus X7 for a short time, but I find the program excellent and can do most everything a Photo Program is asked to perform.”

Mrs Julie Storm
Bella Vista

18 Jul 2015

“Particularly like the photo cut out option.”

Mr David Balderstone

16 Jul 2015

“Good bit of software. Easy to use.”

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