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208 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.33 out of 5

Mr Roger Brydges
North East Lincolnshire

29 Jan 2013

“Having used Photo +5 since it came out the transition to +6 was seamless. the improved cut out studio is easier to use and all the other tweaks have made this program more user friendly”

Mike Nevin

29 Jan 2013

“I am a big fan of Serif products and have been for years. But, I have to give a critical review of PhotoPlus X6. It is packed with good features, not fully realised. For instance if you carry out any significant changes to the image and attempt to save it, you will find it has to be saved as a proprietary spp file. Of course this is not an industry standard. Therefore, to be of use to you anywhere else you need to convert the file back to another format (i.e. jpg) which is done via exporting. This all takes time.
Simple things like clone tools and blemish remover have been made unbelievably complicated. The clone tool wants to know what layer you are acting upon, even if there is only one. Blemish remover has to be seen to be believed for such a simple function.
It's as if Serif have tried to make a product that has professional level tools, but in trying to make them seem accessible to general users they have mis-labeled them.
One other thing, my main reason for getting this software was that it was 'fully' 64 bit. It isn't. The scanner interface doesn't work in 64 bit and you have to install the 32 bit to use it!
So I have given up using PhotoPlus X6 totally, it sits idly on my desktop and I am back using Corel. I contacted Serif for the 30 day money back guarantee and was offered money back to most of the software's value as an alternative, if I wanted to keep the software. Thinking I may occasionally use it I took up that offer. I have never used it since.


Serif Says:

Hi Mike.

PhotoPlus saves in a native format so that it can retain data that isn't possible in JPG or a PNG, i.e. layers and info from non-destructive mods like cropping (so you can uncrop whenever you want to).

Unfortunately the inability to scan with the 64-bit version of the program is intentional due to poor 64-bit driver support by 3rd parties, which is out of our control. We recommend using the software that came with your scanner to scan in the image, to import into PhotoPlus.

Cheers - David

Mr Chris Pickering

29 Jan 2013

“There are loads of powerful photo editing tools and effects. I like the videos too. It's nice to add Geo-tagging to my photos and the layers, masks & filters make adjustment easy. I use the upload to share photos on Facebook. The best bit is that PhotoPlus is an inexpensive alternative to Photoshop and others!”

Mr Nathan Hunsaker

29 Jan 2013

“The ONLY software I make SURE is current is PhotoPlus. The just-previous version always does what I want, but I am never disappointed in the latest version providing some wonderful surprise. In X6, the Golden Egg is 64-Bit RAW Image processing. Good show! I was actually more excited about "HDR Merge", but I see I managed to overlook that since X4! Silly, me...for years I've shot over and under exposure just to pick the best one. Now, I can build the best of all three exposures. Very good show!!”

Mr Mike Bowcutt

28 Jan 2013

“Photoplus X6 is an excellent program, I have compared it to Adobe Photo Elements 10, It still does not quite measure up to the printing of photos that adobe has, because when I want a 5 by 7 print it will not center it. The quality is great. Adobe Elements is easier to bend photos, That maybe because I was taught with Adobe. Also I am still a novice and I still do not understand many of the terms used. The help feature is great but it still requires studying and several attempts before I can understand what I am supposed to do. The cutout is one of my favorite tools. I use it first then import my photo in to the video editing programs. Although I feel that I am slow at progressing, I do feel good about the program and the abilities it has gave me to do photography and video editing. It is very easy to open a file and get it quickly. Much easier that Corel photo shop. I like the idea of opening just the files I select rather than the whole directory. I have surprised myself with the speed and accuracy of the program, Sometimes I had the photo corrected so quickly, I had to wonder if I done it right.. I love the support and that very friendly support on the phone, they know who I am and get right to the point with out having to verify birthdate, account number and finally, "How can I help you".
Overall you guys are superior in software and support.


Mike Bowcutt”

Mr David Miller

28 Jan 2013

“I am very pleased with this whole package
It now allows me to do everything that I have been looking for at a very affordable price
I run adobe at work but am seriously considering changing it for Photo plus 6”

Mrs Diana Sheehan

28 Jan 2013

“Thank you for keeping access to all the other photos we use for our websites over the years. You make it fun to edit and enhance pictures”

Mr David Curtis

28 Jan 2013

“I am very pleased with the tools and the photofix function in Serif PhotoPlusX6 everything is functional to enable me to produce an excellent image.”

Mr Richard Taylor
Tunbridge Wells

28 Jan 2013

“Absolutely stunning.
Brilliant product, loads of effects! Cost effective over other software titles.”

Mr John Snowden

28 Jan 2013

“The Blurb was this is as good as Photoshop, yea mate on yer bike. The program is still a basic photo editing unit, with very little to shout about, my main concerns are following.

It is advertised when they phone you as above, Paintshop Pro knocks this into a cocked hat.
I have tried to get in and dig out some gems from this software, not a lot to find, I was told the layer and cutout section was the best on the market, it is fiddly and does not do a good job on hair or any fine tuning, much better on the market, it is about the same level as Veritas cutout 3 was 4 years ago.
The major problem I have with this software is the continual crashing, every time I try to edit you get half way through and the whole system come to a halt, frozen PC and that is it, turn off and start again, I have told Serif about this and had no replies whatsoever, so I reckon they know about it and are keeping quiet, try it yourself, use the crop tool when finished cropping come out of that and CRASH, not a lot of fun.
I could go on a lot more but I think that my review is enough let some others tell you, anyway I dont suppose this will ever see the light of day, so why waste time typing more.
I have had a few bits of the software and put up, but no more this is the final bit of kit from this company, why because it does not say what it does on the tin.”

Mr Don Bothwell
East Runton

28 Jan 2013

“Great program”

Mr David Stanton

9 Dec 2012

“Lets be honest. Every Serif product is high quality. I have several products from them. I love each program. I even tremble with excitment when new versions come out. So maybe I love Serif to much..but hey I really like thier products and I look forward to using the programs. And all of thier programs are really powerfull and I like that. I am writing this before downloading PhotoPlus 6. I am sure I will be amazed yet again from Serif. Thier customer support is really cool too. Very friendly and helpfull.”

Dr Emmett
Lake Saint Louis

3 Dec 2012

“What a feature packed, easy to use, straight forward product. Defiantly a enhancement over X5. A must get. Serif offers a great suite of products. They are my first recommendation to people who need professional product functionality at a more than reasonable price!! Good job keep up the good work. ”

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