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Customer Reviews

224 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.31 out of 5

Ms Lee Ann Tarducci
Myrtle Beach

3 Feb 2013

“The absolute best photo editing program available for a fraction of the price of their competitors! PhotoPlus X6 has all the bells & whistles needed to get any job done. I've used it to do the small jobs like resizing/recoloring photos all the way up to designing 36' x 10' billboards for clients! Love this program. I've been using Serif products since the 90's and I love them all. Thanks for great products and excellent customer service....You're the best.”

Martin Carroll

2 Feb 2013

“This is a very straight forward easy to use photo editing suite. There is pleanty of tools and effect to chose from. And with the online tutorials you cant go wrong. Brilliant package”

Mr Daniel Thirsk
Wheat Ridge

2 Feb 2013

“well rounded photo editing print out on epson 2800 are like like and better”

Mr Neil Bonser
Newark Notts

1 Feb 2013

“This Software is relatively easy to use, with out standing affects to any picture. very good on price and delivery service, as well as the after sales staff, very good indeed. A must have piece of software.”

Mr Mike Harrison
San Angelo

1 Feb 2013

“While my review is generally positive, I do have a problem with the newer software. First let me say that the software works great and is easy to use. My photo's look great and people are amazed when I can take an old photo with scratches and dust and make them look almost new.

The one big negative for me is the inability to scan photos directly into the software! There is no capability to do it thru PP X6 because it is the 64 bit version. In the help menu you can make changes which will then allow you to scan but you have to be a computer wiz to understand the process to do it. It bothers me greatly that I have to leave PP X5 installed on my PC just so I can scan photos. The primary reason I upgraded to software was so that I could produce even better photos which I could easily import from my scanner. When I was reading all the reasons why I should upgrade, I don't recall seeing any mention of the loss of scanning ability.

One more thing and this is minor. I don't like that I can't register online. It gives you a number to call to get your registration number. This is so they can try to sell you something else while they have you on the phone. Please! Just let me register online and get it done!

If these issues aren't showstoppers for you then I would heartily recommend that you purchase the software because it really is easy to use and makes spectacular pictures. I still think it's the best photo software I have ever used and will continue to use it in the future. But please, fix the scanning thing would you?

Mike H. San Angelo, Texas”

Mrs Tara Waters

30 Jan 2013

“Perfect!!! The price is great compared to other programs. I am not real computer literate, but with the customer service and tutorials I have no problem. I would highly recommend this product and other products by Serif.”

Mr Ed Swanzey

30 Jan 2013

“PhotoPlus X6 is a sad disappointment! Very nice features, BUT! I have found that I must go back to using X4, as X6 will not open a file at the resolution it previously saved at. I.e.: A file saved at 300 ppi will be reopened at 96 ppi. This creates far too much time in the work flow. This bug needs to be fixed, and SOON!
Ed Swanzey”

Mr Paul Bentley

30 Jan 2013

“This is a review of two halves.

1: The 64bit version is excellent. Fast, stable and a vast improvement on x5. The tools work well, though some of the plugins are 32bit only.

2: It won't import raw files for the Samsung NX20, NX210 or NX1000. These were released in june 2012, but no update is available at the present time (jan 2013.)

There is the usual problem with the 64bit version of not working with twain - no 64bit graphics package does. The only 64bit twain was an alpha release which didn't work. So you will need to install both versions if you use a scanner.

So if you have a camera released late last year, you might want to wait 'til they release a fix for it. If you have an older camera, this is a major improvement, especially if you have a 64bit version of windows.

(amd 6400 - 6 core, 16GB ram, Radeon HD7770oc, Vista 64hp)”

Mr Daniel Walker
Long Marton

29 Jan 2013

“This is a great improvement on the previous version I owned (X4). It runs much better on my computer this version.”

Mr Paul Martin

29 Jan 2013

“I've been using PhotoPlus over many years, so it took no time at all to feel at home with the interface. In 64-bit version under Windows 7, it is noticeably faster than before.
What I hadn't realised was how much tools such as autolevels have improved. Revisiting some old photos taken under fairly dim tungsten light, I was astonished how much X6 improved them on auto-settings.
Using the Clarity option old black and white photos that I had tried before to improve gave them added bite.”

Mrs Erica LeBLanc

29 Jan 2013

“I love the tutorials which make it easy to use. I really love the organizer because I can organize all of my photos. I just wish there were more videos to watch. I had the free Photoplus and it had features that the new one does not like the softening of the face. The cutout tool is much better though.Overall I really love it.”

Mr Charles Harrison

29 Jan 2013

“I am not a photographer, but I like good photographs, so when the need arises I find I can just load up Photoplus and easily get the results I want. In the past, I have struggled with other products and even given up, but now enjoy the speed and ease I get with Photoplus.”

Mr David Smith
West Midlands

29 Jan 2013

“There nothing that I do in c s 5 that can't be done in x6 easyer I always end up using x6”

Mrs. Anita Dupreast

29 Jan 2013

“This is an awesome product at a great price!! With PhotoPlus x6 I have learned how to correct color/lighting, restore badly damaged photos, change backgrounds and add special effects - with no formal training. There is nothing like taking old family photos and restoring them so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. Serif's affordable price allowed me to discover a new passion because I could not afford to purchase some of the competing software on the market.”

Dr Diane Prosser

29 Jan 2013

“This is the first time I've used photo software to process my personal photo prints. So far, it's been a good experience. Serif PhotoPlus has lots of special features and good instructions for using them. Thank you.”

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