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260 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.48 out of 5

Mr Douglas Allensworth
East Galesburg

17 Jul 2014

“I bought this to replace Photoshop. I could never feel comfortable with Photoshop and would often get lost in the process. PhotoPlus X7, while very powerful, seems, somehow more intuitive and easier to follow. My experience with it is somewhat limited (I have not had the time this summer to explore everything), however, that being said, what I have done with it has been exceptional. The big plus is that it is easy enough to make playing with your pictures actually fun!”

Mr Richard Watts

15 Jul 2014

“Photoplus has matured into an excellent product, really pleased with what it can do!”

Mr Robert McComb

14 Jul 2014

“Photoplus X7 is a very good programme and is good value for money. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to know more and it is relatively easy to handle. The programme I was learning on was CS5 at the University of the third age. I am 75 years old and if I can do it so can you. If you wanted a programme for professional use you could get a second mortgage and go for CS6. Thank you I would recommend X7 and it will do 98% of what you need.”

Mr Jim Hill

13 Jul 2014

“Seems to be mostly the same to me.
I do like the way the pasted image comes uo in the middle.

I loved Serif PhotoPlus x6 and if x7 delivers the same then it wiil beat photoShop hands dow.”

Mrs Alison Wade

11 Jul 2014

“Only just upgraded to this software from PhotoPlus X6 and not had much time to use it, but it seems very simple to use whilst also offering all of the wonderful features which we have come to expect from Serif. The tutorials are so useful, and I would not go back to using the other well-known and very expensive software (which I tried out for a few months and spent many hours trying to learn it!).”

Mr John Chilton

10 Jul 2014

“Have not used it to full advantage yet but so far it is excellent”

Mrs Lesley Perez

7 Jul 2014

“I purchased this product a few weeks ago when I was registering my DrawPlus product. I've been working on getting a business started that will require a lot of graphic design skills with drawing, photography and video making. I remember that the gentleman I spoke with on the phone said that PhotoPlus x7 is very comparable to Adobe Photoshop. I must say that I haven't been able to get too far yet into using the product because I've been swamped with so many other things at the moment, but I'm actually taking a class online about Adobe Photoshop, so I'm comparing the user interface of the two programs and their ease of use and so forth and so far, they are very similar in their features and what they can do. I would love to be able to write a more in-depth review about the product when I have finished taking the course in about a week or so, since I am comparing both products as I go along.
My initial reaction is wow... I've saved a lot of money by getting this product in comparison to Adobe's product!”

Mr Lester Fish

7 Jul 2014

“I've used Photoplus since it's launch and with each upgrade comes more features.
For the average user there is more than enough here without having to buy the 'professional programmes' from Adobe etc. Save your money for buying better kit and buy Photoplus software.

This time there is more help, more easily accessed for novices like me.
Keep up the good work and I'll keep buying the upgrades!”

Mr Mark Channon

5 Jul 2014

“I converted over to Photoplus X7 after using a very well know Elements program for years. I think this software is excellent value for money. If this is your first photo editing program stay with it. It will be worth it. I’m finding it hard to use some aspects of the software. This is due to breaking old habits with my old software. I have purchased three new SERIF products, two of them are direct replacements for popular software. I intend to stay with SERIF, They are a UK company based in Nottingham. I like there customer service team. They are always willing to help and give advice, if you’re not sure what product you need.”

Mr I Law

3 Jul 2014

“its 100% perfact, I can do anything with it, and its easy and frast to use”

Mr Lucus Greenwood

3 Jul 2014

“Photoplus X7 is the latest development of a product I have learned to trust since long before they started putting an X in front of it! Not only does it always do what it says on the package, it is also the most transparent and intuitive in use. No graphics program can be utter simplicity, unless it is very limited, but Photoplus X7 incorporates careful support for every process. Above all, Serif publish the finest instruction manuals and guided exercises in the business -- in book form, not buried in obscure help files! I have tried out most of the competitors, including the leading contender, and I have found them often obscure, resource-greedy, and liable to interfere with the booting-up sequence. You can trust Photoplus X7 and, if you do get stuck the telephone help is blissfully supportive!”

Mr Roger Sach

3 Jul 2014

“Good solid no nonsense software. Well done Serif. Have tried other publication packages, but still come back to Page Plus for serious production publications.”

Mr Roy Gwynne

3 Jul 2014

“Photo Plus X7 is an excellent programme, as all of those I have purchased from Serif over the years.”

Mr Alan Fitch
Port Louis

30 Jun 2014

“PhotoPlus X7 would appear on the surface as just another editing program for photographers, but there is a Major difference, all the other makes do not give you specific information and video tutorials to guide you.
The world of photography is quite complicated, certainly for a beginner, however, PhotoPlus X7 steps in and assists not only the professional but the amateur snapper too! The tutorials are easily found and explain in depth the various options and steps to take which also enhances the help system within the program. This allows the new photographer to learn at their own pace, building up their expertise in photo manipulation and editing or the automated Photofix system built into the program.
Additionally there is a forum to get advice from other users and technical help available online. Not only is the program versatile and can handle all the standard techniques but has extra value in that it is upgraded automatically each time you use it.”

Mr Alastair Deller

30 Jun 2014

“A first-class photo editor - intuitive, flexible and feature-rich. The new lens correction studio is a particularly welcome addition.”

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