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208 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.33 out of 5

Stewart J. Cox Sr.

9 Mar 2014

“So far the product has worked flawlessly, it's quick and has handed all my art-work done with Bryce Pro graphic output (JPG's), my camera and photos collected from the net.

Caution to all users: If you use a product called ARO2013 to clean-up, and re-organize the Windows Directory - after running ARO it removes Serif Directory settings and you must refresh/reload Serif PhotoPlus X6
to use it again.”

Mr arthur kent

3 Mar 2014

“found the program very easy to install, you can make fantastic changes to your photo's and have them to professional standards in no time at all. would recommend this program to any one who wishes to improve their pics.”

Miss Karen Jones

2 Mar 2014

“Good program- used it for a few photo's now and love the easy system that allows any novice or pro to make those pictures that little bit better- Power to serif for selling such a good but cheap program.”

Mr Alan Turp

25 Feb 2014

“Excellent.Easy to use.Good value for money”

Mrs. Judith Elliott

22 Feb 2014

“I am so excited that I now have a program I can easily use. As with all Serif products I have used in past my rating would definitely be a 10.”

Ms Elaine McNamara

15 Feb 2014

“What I like best about PhotoPlus are the oodles of effects that can be applied to a photo. Coloring a black & white photo, and changing a color photo to black & white and then putting the color back in just certain areas are two effects that can make memorable photos. Especially nice was the ability to delete the background of a picture by color. I had a nice picture of a tree, but the sky was pale blue. By deleting the background by color made it easy to delete the color between all the branches and replace the sky with something dramatic.”

Mr Roy Donaldson
Stow on the Wold

11 Feb 2014

“PhotoPlusX6 has everything that I need for photo editing at a reasonable price.”

Mrs Susan Vergis
Mt Maunganui

6 Feb 2014

“I love the ease of the program to use. My favourite has to be the studio cut out section. So easy to remove the background.I am sure this program was designed just for me. Its in a language I understand. Not over complex at all..”

Mr Emilio Rossi

4 Feb 2014

It is not has easy to use as told to me. I tried reading the book and doing what I would like to do but with no luck. I know you have support but it is hard to talk on the phone and try to do the photo. Yes it works when your talking to support but it is hard to remember what you did. I called on a picture that the eyes needed work done on them they came out great but talking on the phone and trying to remember what he did is hard. I tried to do it on my own with no luck. Emilio Rossi”

Mr Pete Pearson

2 Feb 2014

“Very easy to use for typical photo editing and easy enough to find help in performing some of the more complex editing operations. Packed with all the features I could wish for at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend.”

Mr stephen king
littleham, exmouth

2 Feb 2014

“overall I like this software,it is easy to use and gives very good results.PhotoPlusX6 has more than a passing resemblance to photoshop with its interface layout and available tools but at a fraction of the cost and thats a good thing.”

Mr Andrew Edwards

26 Jan 2014

“Some improvements from X6 but not as many as I'd hoped for. I'd read that cutting out foreground/background was much improved, to me it's not that noticeable.

Sorry guys, but if I'd not bought this on a 'special offer' I'd have returned it for a refund and stayed with x5”

Mr Peter Hartley

24 Jan 2014

“Following from all of the previous versions of PhotoPlus I find PPX6 to be well thought out and a pleasure to use”

Mr Adam McCluskey

23 Jan 2014

“Still learning how to use this soft wear but it does work which is more than can be said of my experience of Webplus X7 which scrambled pages of my existing website written in X6. I was actually told by one of the tech support people to stick with x 6 until they had fixed X7. Compared with webplus x7 photo plus is good because it does seem to work.”

Mr Peter Waller

22 Jan 2014

“An excellent program covering all the needs of a digital photographer.”

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