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264 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.46 out of 5

Mr Michael Seunagal
Highland Park

14 Jul 2015

“The quality of the product is very good.”

Mr Nikola Vucinic

14 Jul 2015


Mr Brian Haworth

13 Jul 2015

“For many years, I have used a photo editing suite from another creator, so I am relatively new to Serif's Photoplus. So far, the results that I have managed to achieve, using it are pretty good and the way that it links seamlessly with Pageplus, reminds me of my previous software package, but with more tricks and adjustments. Obviously, I am by no means experienced in the use of Photoplus, at the moment and much more time spent with it, is necessary, but, so far, I am glad that I purchased it and look forward to using it more in the efuture.”

Mr Michael Beniams
Hereford, uk

11 Jul 2015

“Have had great fun using PPX7 with the cut-out studio/ clone tool. With help from the on-line videos, I have surprised myself at what actually can be done. Thank you.”


10 Jul 2015

“Only recently bought this product. So far only used the Warp, I'm unable to change the Brush size, nothing happens when I click on the Tab. Any help would be appreciated.”

Mr David Bevan

9 Jul 2015

“I find Photoplus very useful. It is a comprehensive editing tool and
quite complicated for an amateur like me. The tutorials and videos
are extremely helpful- I could not do without them. A very good product in every way.”

Mrs Audrey Wilkins
Sandown. Isle of wight

9 Jul 2015

“Only into the Cut Out Studio at the moment, excellent, great fun. In time will try other options. Lots of help given through 'Learn More'. Certainly recommend PhotoPlus X7 for people of all abilities.”

Mr Michael West

7 Jul 2015

“I find it very effective at editing photo's only problem is it always saves into a serif format you have to instruct it to save as jpeg etc by pressing export as. Which you have to do if you want to use it with another program. Otherwise it is a very helpful program”

Mr William Budd

6 Jul 2015

“Can pretty much do everything that the leading Photo Editing software can do and more at a fraction of the price, no shortcomings identified to date, the Clarity filter is excellent for a one stop rapid image enhancement filter.
Definitely recommended, five stars from me.”

Mr Earl Dingle
Shermans Dale

1 Jul 2015

“PhotoPlus X7 is very powerful without being overly complicated. I am very pleased with this software.”

Mr Rodney Hocking

21 Jun 2015

“Great software at a great price. Easy to use and the results are fantastic! Keep up the excellent work on all your software!”

Mr Richard Silver
Las Vegas

17 Jun 2015

“Does what I need it to. Priced right. Has all the features I need as an amateur photographer and doing photo editing.”

K Garrett

14 Jun 2015

“So far, I have enjoyed using PhotoPlus X7. I am an X Photoshop user and was very proficient with it. I created children's educational math books with it.
I haven't had a chance to use PPX7 extensively, yet. I am now retired from book creation and use it for editing photos for my Etsy Shop.
What I have found is it is very similar to PS and so far I have been able to do everything I wanted to accomplish with my photo editing. What I am very pleased with is the pricing of the software. One of my major gripes and always been is the ridiculous pricing of Adobe's SW.”

Mr Arthur Roe

14 Jun 2015

“The Best photo editor on the market”

Mr John Tyler

14 Jun 2015

“The software has more features than I'll use. I can't get the same improvement in my photo's as those shown in the examples in the ad for PhotoPlus X7. I see no reason to upgrade to any newer version since this has such a long learning curve. I don't do much photo editing so I really shouldn't have upgraded from what I've already had. This may be good a good photo editing software for someone that does a lot of photo editing and has the time and experience to learn it's capabilities.”

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