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Customer Reviews

224 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.31 out of 5

Mr Alex Best

26 Mar 2014

“easy to use. easy to navigate. Great editing features. Great help and guidance. As good as if not better than more highly priced software,”

Mr William Morod
Mount Vernon

25 Mar 2014

“So far I have been pleased with the results obtained by my use of the PhotoPlus software. It has performed the tasks that I have required it to do in an efficient manner.”

Mr John Walmsley

24 Mar 2014

“this version has lots of improvements and it is much easier to use than previous versions. thank you serif”

Mr John Gerrard

21 Mar 2014

“I have only started to use it so far but it is a vast improvement over previous versions and I have found it to be comparable to Photoshop.”

Mr Ronald Denardo

18 Mar 2014

“Great product.”

Mr Mark Lupton

16 Mar 2014

“Excellent product! I really love using the Serif software and think that the interface is great and highly intuitive. The 64-bit engine sure speeds things up a bit.
One thing I have noticed is that when I do my black and white processing, the image looks a bit like a line drawing rather than a true representation of my photograph.
Also when I click on a photoplus file from the desktop I get an error message saying there is a problem opening this file but it opens just fine.
Otherwise I think you have a great product which I can finally substitute for my trusty PaintShop Pro.
Keep up the good work guys!
Kindest regards
Mark Lupton”

Mrs Y Wynn
West Sussex

15 Mar 2014

“I think PhotoPlus X6 is a very useful product and on the whole easy to use. I am still exploring parts of the software that I am unlikely to use, but however find them interesting. One thing I do miss, is not being able to scan directly into the program, not an insurmountable obstacle, but it does add a couple of minutes more to complete a task.”

Stewart J. Cox Sr.

9 Mar 2014

“So far the product has worked flawlessly, it's quick and has handed all my art-work done with Bryce Pro graphic output (JPG's), my camera and photos collected from the net.

Caution to all users: If you use a product called ARO2013 to clean-up, and re-organize the Windows Directory - after running ARO it removes Serif Directory settings and you must refresh/reload Serif PhotoPlus X6
to use it again.”

Mr Brett Laniosh

7 Mar 2014

“PhotoPlus X6 is a great tool for editing photos and images generally and it is an ideal application for use in schools for preparing images for publishing on websites. I often use it when preparing course materials for my teacher training programmes.”

Mr Terence Rutland

5 Mar 2014

“I have not yet used the software properly, just exploring it. I find the PhotPlus X6 software is a little more difficult to use than PhotoShop but the results are every bit as good, why I say a bit more difficult is probably because I have spent a lot of time with PhotoShop Elements and have now to get used to doing maybe one or two more operations to get the same result butthat isn't to say that PhotoPlus is not an excellent program, well worth the money, but I would reccomend buying the user guide, which is well written and easy to understand as well.”

Mr David Cooper

4 Mar 2014

“This is a good product, as I have bought X5 and now X6.
The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the cut-out tool.
In the video it is made to look so simple...but in reality it is not that easy. In fact I have been unable to successfully complete the task, then again, it could be me.”

Mr arthur kent

3 Mar 2014

“found the program very easy to install, you can make fantastic changes to your photo's and have them to professional standards in no time at all. would recommend this program to any one who wishes to improve their pics.”

Miss Karen Jones

2 Mar 2014

“Good program- used it for a few photo's now and love the easy system that allows any novice or pro to make those pictures that little bit better- Power to serif for selling such a good but cheap program.”

Mr Joe Robison
Whitley Bay

25 Feb 2014

“very good, tutorials most helpful, still trying to get my head around
some of the stuff but no doubt that will surely come,
I already have photoshop but this is a serious program.”

Mr Alan Turp

25 Feb 2014

“Excellent.Easy to use.Good value for money”

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