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264 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.46 out of 5

Mr Peter Curran

11 Mar 2015

“Hi I think PhotoPlusX7 is a vary good program for editing photos it is easy to use for both beginers and experienced photographers alike.”

Mr John Huxley

10 Mar 2015

“Does far more than it says 'on the tin'!”

Mr Bob Higgins

10 Mar 2015

“I am a new customer but so far the facilities of this product are impressive”

Mr Nigel Dawes

10 Mar 2015

“Was offered a great deal for the software and surprisingly very easy to use, once you know which buttons to use and where they are.”

Mr John Bennett
Shamley Green

9 Mar 2015

“Excellent product, have only had time to look through the basics of the product and follow some of the teaching programs but the content is comprehensive and extends the mere taking of a photograph into a secondary phase which was not possible before. As an amateur artist it offers an interesting opportunity to link the two interests of art and photography together in a unique way.”

Mr William Wells

8 Mar 2015

“Does exactly what it says on the tin but at a fantastically low cost”

Mr Paul Harbottle
Woburn Sands, UK

7 Mar 2015

“I use PhotoPlus, PagePlus and WebPlus to create a web site and, at other times, posters for the parish council. This software set works so well together. Each piece of software lets me do exactly what I want and I can create pages of interest so easily with the many features available. Then it just slots together!
The downside is that you have to take the tutorials and learn how each part works best for you but with that little bit of effort the amazing is possible.”

Mr. Joe Bradley

7 Mar 2015

“I have been using Serif Software for a long time now and PhotoPlus X7 follows a long tradition of intuitive and accurate software that Serif has become known for. All the tools are where they should be and nothing is hidden or difficult to find. I certainly prefer this product over the higher priced packages which are overly complicated. As always, complete help and tutorials are only a mouse click away.”

Mr A Walker

5 Mar 2015

“Excellent software at a great price. Didn't think it would be so easy to use and end up with a good looking site.
I would recommend this software to anyone wanting to build web sites quickly and easily.”

Mr. John Craig

5 Mar 2015

“In many ways PhotoPlus is better than some versions of Photoshop. The layers function works in the same way as Photoshop with the exception of text which can be a bit fiddly.
Most of the photo retouching functions are certainly easier to work through than other retouching software I have used with some costing considerably more than PhotoPlus.
At the price, PhotoPlus X7 is excellent value for money.”

Mrs Maureen Saycell

4 Mar 2015

“I find it is not fully intuitive but if used frequently might improve. I am used to the version within Craft Artist so tend to use that more. The more I am using the software to improve photographs I am getting good results but I need to spend time learning.”

Mr Alan Rowe

2 Mar 2015

“Over the years using Serif PhotoPlus it has just got better and better keeping up and going way beyond other photo software, and more than gives the High end market a run for there money.
This is yet again another excellent upgrade, I highly recommend to anybody who needs photo editing software, you will not find any better without a very high price tag.”

Ms Frances Wood

28 Feb 2015

“I really like this software. It surely helps me to be a little creative! (I have very little natural talent.)”

Mr Les Vernon
Letchworth gardencity

20 Feb 2015

“I have purchased some of your PhotoPlus software in the past, but due to moving house, I did not get round to using them. Also due to my age it seemed a bit daunting to delve into photographic software. Since purchasing Plus X7 I have been brave enough to open it up and "have a go". After using the Quick start guide I feel I have made a little progress. What would be helpful to people with little experience is some help explaining what all of the tools are used for. I know some are self evident.
Thank you. Les Vernon.”

Mr Graham Hammersley

18 Feb 2015

“I have used Serif PhotoPlus for many years and have become so familiar with it that I thought it would be impossible to get anything better. Recently I upgraded my computer to a new model running Windows 8.1 and at the same time took the opportunity to install Serif PhotoPlus X7, and it is indeed better than previous versions. Of all the enhancements I find the levelling of a non-horizontal horizon the most welcome addition. Getting rid of unwanted features such as telephone or power cables from an otherwise cloudless sky is so simple and can turn a poor composition into a good one. I also use PhotoPlus for cleaning up old B&W and sepia prints and use some of its special features for creating stills to drop into video edits using Serif MoviePlus. I have had some experience with other photo-editing software some of it much more expensive to buy than Serif products, but I find PhotoPlus to be better than any I've tried before, and if I do ever get stuck the help is second to none especially with the addition of easy to follow videos on the Serif website. Superb software.”

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