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Customer Reviews

224 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.31 out of 5

Mr Mick Fulton

21 Jan 2014

“I'm still working my way around it but my initial thoughts are that it's going to be a good friendly package that has thus far not disappointed. Would like more plug ins such as Topaz ReMask”

Ms G Bibbs
Long Beach

17 Jan 2014

“Love photoplus x6. I use it daily. It's very easy to use. Unlike print shop, with PPx6 I have use of layering and can easily switch between Adobe PhotoShop and PPx6.

Thanks for providing an easy to use low cost product that can be used again & again.”

Mr David Kellett

14 Jan 2014

“Still getting to know it, but down side is that there is no plugin support, so I'm still inclined to open Photoshop Elements that have my plugins.
Only one default brush.”

Miss MO OBrien

13 Jan 2014

“This is a great program very user friendly with great editing, manipulation & enhancement feactures”

Mr Peter Studden

13 Jan 2014

“I have given a 3 star rating, only due to the fact I am still in a learning curve with this program. There are similarities to other editing programs I use & have used, and there are some (to me) 'different' ways of doing a job I find easier with other programs. I have at least 3 programs I use, one more than others, only because I find the task easier having used a specific method for a long time. I think with time, as I become more proficient, I will be happy to upgrade the star rating.”

Mr Peter Fisk

13 Jan 2014

“I bought a bundle containing WebPlus and PagePlus.
PhotoPlus arrived as well so I explored it briefly. It seems broadly similar to but a little easier to use than the powerful Gimp free software that I usually use for picture editing and much easier than Gimp for removing blemishes.
The downside for me is that I can't use it on the Linux system where I normally do occasional picture editing, so I can't give it top marks.”

Mr Eric Laycock
Tyne And Wear

13 Jan 2014

“I find the photo plus 6 very easy to use”

Mr Steve Franks

13 Jan 2014

“The image enhancing options are great, for the price, but the organisation options are limited. The software automatically scanned my PC for images and added thousands of pieces of clip art, which I really didn't want cluttering up its database.
Serif pushed Photostack as a better option, but that did the same thing and frequently crashed, probably due to the number of images.”

Mr Michael Herbaut

13 Jan 2014

“There are a few issues that are annoying. When using the clone tool the sample point moves with the tool and hence does not help when near other areas as they are deposited in the working area and hence further rework is needed to remove that unwanted detail. It would be useful if an option could be made that makes the selection point stay with the area selected for deposit.
There is no option for "stitching" together either images or in my case I need to assemble several screen images to make a new complete image. The Serif panoramic program is also no help as it needs a hefty pre-set overlap to work.”

Mr Quentin Wadman

13 Jan 2014

“I have been using Photo Plus X 6 for some time, now.
I find that this program is very good at doing all thatitis advertised to do, and even more, it often exels at exceeding my expectations.
The only thing that I do not like is the printer sub program! I find this rather dificult to use, and it often causes the prints to come out far darker then I was thinking that the would.
This size of the prints is also fiddley to set properly.
I hope that this may be corrected shortly!!!!
The Photo Plus X 6 program took quite some time for me to get the best out of it, and, to a certain extent, I am still learning more about it every time I use it.
The technical back up for Photo Plus is very good, but quite often difficult to reach over the phone, when I am in a hurry.”

Mr A Thomas
Buléon, France

4 Dec 2013

“X6 is a little bit of a disappointment after X5.

I have been using Photoplus since at least Photoplus 11 (yes, that long!) and have been pleased and impressed by the continuing improvements and enhancements that the various versions have included. However, X6 is causing me problems. I am running it on 2 Windows 7 based PCs and I was a little concerned on first running it when I received error messages that there was a problem loading a JPG image into X6. The image did load eventually, but my confidence was a little shaken. The problem still persists, but I can safely ignore the warnings.

My other concern is that I am getting messages from my Norton Security suite telling me that X6 is using huge amounts of processing power. Has it been optimised for Windows 8, I wonder? Also when clicking the 'Open' icon in the toolbar, it takes a significant amount of time for the Windows Explorer window to load.

The last thing is that every time I try to Export a file as a JPG, I am now presented with an Export Optimiser - cannot there be a button to allow for a default setting so that this screen is not seen again?

The product is good, more than good, but these niggles did not appear before and it is a little disappointing having 'grown up', as it were, with Photoplus. I think that the improvements in X6 over X5 have been a the high end of editing requirements and I am yet to discover them.”

Mr D Greensmith

1 Dec 2013

“I love this product. Easy to find my way around. The non-destructive edit layers make editing and backing out of steps simplicity. Much more stable than the previous photo editor I was using. Incredible amount of power for a price that won't break the bank.”

Mr bruce Turner

27 Nov 2013

“seems to work just great. I wish it had a youtube option that would post to one of their formats (.MOV, .MPEG4, .AV1, .WMV, .MPEGPS, etc.) though. For this reason I rate it as "good" vs. "great." thanks.”

Mr Noel Brady

26 Nov 2013

“Having used this program I find it easy to use and get good results when making photo adjustments, especially the cut out utility which does a great job, background replacement is also a plus with this program. different plug-ins help in making this a really good buy, plus the backup help files are good and very intuitive especially the video examples and tutors, all round a good and useful addition to any pro or amateur photographer or learner.”

Mr Mike Carter

24 Nov 2013

“PhotoPlus X6 is adequate for quickly manipulating images within the combined Serif Package.”

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