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Customer Reviews

224 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.31 out of 5

Mr Edward Dowbiggin

18 Nov 2013

“still working on a lot of this good prog.
not using Pe 11 very much now

Mr James Homer

17 Nov 2013

“Very impressed with your product namely Photoplus X6, I find it much more user friendly than some of your competitors, and equally brimming with professional abilities. Like for like this product is sold at an amazing price and would recommend it for all involved in photographic digital editing, simply first class.

James Homer”

Mr Daniel Tanguay
Forest Grove

11 Nov 2013

“I have learned to love PhotoPlus more so than Photoshop!”

Mr Sean Davis

9 Nov 2013

“I used photoshop CS with my old OS, and when I moved to windows7 I needed a new suite. Serif is the answer I was looking for: easy ribbon and very similar tools. Plus the support is excellent. I feel that this is the tool for a modern time...”

Mrs J McKinney

8 Nov 2013

“I am very pleased with Photo Plus X6 as an update to my older X5 and have gone through the tutorials several times. I had one problem yesterday and could not get out of a particular page, but MIKE helped me and all was well. Thanks for your personal one-to-one service.”

Mr Keith Eeles
Emerald Quay

6 Nov 2013

“Simple to use, excellent results, good on line instructions.”

Mr xorge castro

6 Nov 2013

“The software is OK, but not to the level of Photoshop. You get what you pay for. For basic users is great for a little of prfessional use it lacks several features.

There are 4 main issues with it that I find unacceptable for my use, for which I am not recommending this software for professional use.

The first is the use of the PEN (Wacom or similar)

I use the Pen to create airbrush effects, this works really bad and is just not possible to use. In other sketching software the brush creates a smooth line that can change in either transparency, width or shading depending on the pressure used on the pen.
In the case of PhotoPlus, it creates small circles one next to the other and not a continuous line. The circles will change in diameter or colour strength depending on the pressure, but will always look like one circle on top of another and where the circles intersect creates a harder colour, so is not even a continuous color, but small uneven dots.

So, if thinking of using a PEN tablet, do not use Photo Plus and use other alternative

The second problem is affecting the settings/effects of one layer only, in terms of brightens, colours, saturation... The way it works it hat it creates a layer which needs to be masked and will affect all layers and can not be used only for one layer. This makes it very complicated when belending several images and need to adjust the settings of one of them

the third point, is that is difficult to find help online about how to use it, the best option so far is using the PDF user manual but is limited in examples and takes time to find and understand what one needs.

The last point, is also related with the pen, but also affects the mouse. To adjust the size of the brush, there is no shortcut as in photoshop and one needs to open the settings of the brush to change the size and strength, which affects the workflow considerably.

The good thing about the software is that is very easy to use and intuitive, the interface is friendly and for most of use takes little time to start using it.

In conclusion, I recommend the software for simple retouching of an image with added features, as compared with Picasa or simple software. But if needed a professional tool would not recommend it”

Mr David Filmer
North Devon

3 Nov 2013

“So far, so good. It's easy to do the first essentials and the more tricky stuff is always available when I need it. I haven't used PP before having had Adobe in the past but first impressions are very good!”

Mr J Simpson

2 Nov 2013

“An extrmely useful addition to my software library, well worth the investment.”

Mr John Tearle

31 Oct 2013

“I have been using this now for about 3 weeks and i must say that it is a great improvement on the x5 which i have also
I find that the speed has increased in the workflow and the new features are superb
All in all it was worth upgrading to the x6
Thank you Serif for another great product”

Mrs Betty Dickson

30 Oct 2013

“Excellent easy to use product. Good value for money. Works well with Page Plus 6.”

Ms Jacquelyn Kahn

30 Oct 2013

“The biggest thing I use is the cut-out feature. We buy and sell antiques, especially clocks - and I like to feature the clocks in a photo without any clutter. A clean back drop is not always available. Cut-outs previously left some mess to the edges where the colors were indistinquinsuable from the background. With this new X6, it allows me to create a subtle transparancy to the edges, and thus elimininate any messiness. I also like having fun with a photo (non-business) and the various effects and color shadings let my imagination have a field day.”

Mr David Burke

30 Oct 2013

“Good product at a reasonable price.”

Mr Charles Thomas

28 Oct 2013

“Having recently purchased this product I am very impressed with what I have managed so far.Instructions are easy and results are great,Still working my way through all of the different ways I can adjust and improve my pictures.very pleased with product.”

Mr sergio magana

27 Oct 2013


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