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208 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.33 out of 5

Mr sergio magana

27 Oct 2013


Mr John Wilton

26 Oct 2013

“As ever a winner for the ordinary man (or woman). Serif steps up again!”

Mr John Bradley

26 Oct 2013

“I've had SerifPlus X6 for about a month now and haven't noticed any significant changes to any of the functions which I have used.
I realise that software needs to be updated but I've been talked into buying software time and time again but it still seems to do the same thing.
Mind you I just want to enhance my photos with none of the fancy gimmicks; maybe that is why I'm always disappointed when I have been persuaded to buy a new version.”

Serif Says:

Hi John,

Sorry to hear you haven't been impressed with our new version. There are always new features in each release but if you only use a few tools you are unlikely to run into them. There's a "New Features" tab on each of our product page detailing what you can now do, that you couldn't before.

Cheers - David

Mr Michael Timmins

25 Oct 2013

“It seems a fine piece of software. Does everything I needed it to do.
With the passage of time I will doubtless learn much more!!”

Mr Bryan Martyr

25 Oct 2013

“I have been a PhotoPlus user for a couple of years starting at V4.
I have also been a Photoshop user for over 6 years and still use C3.
Given the Very Large difference in price and very limited difference in functionality, PhotoPlus is excellent value for money. I would recommend this to any photographer serious to occasional.”

Mr Robert Burton

21 Oct 2013

“I really love the new photoplus x6 product. I have used other so called market leader software up and until recently; however, Photoplus X6 is up there with all I need at a fraction of the cost. It has more than enough tools to support the average photographer, even a professional.
Its not hard to use either, if your new to it then you will soon be up and running. If you are not new but like me have used other software in the past, then with a little practice and will to change I found it easy. In fact easier than many other software solutions.
Combine it with the equally impressive Photostack product and wow - a full digital workflow is completely achievable.
Well done Serif and I hope others will soon find the same as me. I hope the die hard users of generally accepted market leading software will have a better look at Serif solutions.
More please Serif!”

Mrs Amy Baker

21 Oct 2013

“I'm totally in love with Photo plus x6.. I'm so glad I upgraded.. it makes my photos go from just ok to WOW!”

Mr David Bateman

19 Oct 2013

“Great product”

Mr nathan cowels

18 Oct 2013

“I am a long time adobe users and know photoshop. I know there is no true replacement for photoshop but as it is the best it is what I will be comparing too. I tested the starter edition. It is an amazing deal to get a version of their previous version for free for ever! Yes you heard me correct. Because of this I am reviewing it and gave it the ranking I did. Unlike most companies that dont give a trial version or give a 30 day trial here you get a free version for ever and all you need is an email.

Photoplus starting edition vs photoshop cs6, adobe wins hands down. Photoplus is a close comparison to adobe cs2 which for a free version makes sense. It has most of the essential tools I was looking. Ok so this version has about 80-90% accessible with the advanced features locked. Ive not used the full version so im guess here. Id guess the full version is closer to cs 3 or 4 which again is not a bad deal for a program with the main features and costing 100 vs 700$. Im looking at this from a professional view not a casual user. For the casual user it will do great things.

I give it 4/5 rank not because it bad but because it just seems to miss many small nice things of photoshop. Again you cant beat it for the price. I say photoplus is on par with photoshop essentials not the full version. If you can live with not having the most current software but being about 3-5 years behind go for it. Great for students, starting businesses, non profits and others strapped for $. Again you can get the serif version of photoshop, illustrator and muse about 380$ vs just illustrator for 600$. For price serif wins.”

Mr Derek Dean
West Midlands

14 Oct 2013

“My wife as got shingels very bad, so I have not had time to use Photoplus x6 to give an assessment but from the little time I have used it has been very good and I look forward's reviving some of my old Photo's
thanking you
D Dean”

Mrs Molly Durbin

11 Oct 2013

“Rubbish ! Makes editing photo's very difficult, screen is not user friendly, Have used Creator software for years and it is 10 times better and gives edited photos better quality.”

Serif Says:

Hi Molly,

Sorry to hear you're struggling to get to grips with your software purchase. You may find it useful to visit our community site where there is a wealth of online help and support.

Cheers - David

Mr P Jones

11 Oct 2013

“Sorry cannot be as positive as I usuallly am for Serif applications. I am not a big user of Photoplus-I use Pageplus more. Photoplus six has crashed several times for no apparent reason and I cannot transfer plug-ins I use. I have reverted to Photoplus 5 and will wait for further updates and patches”

Serif Says:

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you've had issues with stability. Have you contacted our support team to investigate?

Contact details here:

Cheers - David

Mr Paul Lundin

10 Oct 2013

“A very good program, as a user of an older version of photoshop, this program is a nice update.”

Mr Alan Nolan
Collaroy Plateau

9 Oct 2013

“A little difficult to understand the Jargon, but like everything it gets better with practice.”

Mr L Aigbedion

6 Oct 2013

“A good and brilliant software.”

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