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264 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.46 out of 5

Mr Frank James

17 Feb 2015

“I am really enjoying Photoplus 7. The editing tools are excellent. I also like the cut-out studio. All in all, very good value for the price I paid.”

Mr Philip Ells

17 Feb 2015

“Very easy to use, I get on well with tutorials”

Mr F Baker

15 Feb 2015

“I have found photoplus X7 does everything I ask of it and more that I have yet to understand.
Having said that without the tutorials to help me I would be completely lost. why pay photoshop prices when we have serif.”

Mr Brian Burgess

14 Feb 2015

“This is a really powerful photo editing program with lots of good features that work well, and in the main intuitively. I was told I could automatically change colours but this takes a lot of work, and help was needed. The other annoyance is that all the Serif programs when you load a file or start a new project then look for the latest updates, which if there are any when you install them the program shuts down, wasting the time used to load the file at the start, but that aside, the program works really well.”

Mr Peter Nicholson

12 Feb 2015

“This software is excellent, it does exactly what Serif claim.
I am very happy to have the tools I need at a very competitive price.”

Mr Richard Tidd

11 Feb 2015

“Seems to be a useful product. The context sensitive help works well. I find the startup wizard a little cumbersome at times.”

Mr Charles Waring

19 Jan 2015

“Still looking around the program, finding it the same as X6.”

Mr Roger Smith

17 Jan 2015

“I have upgraded from PhotoPlus X5 to X7. My main use is photographic adjustment and augmentation along with some graphic art. First impressions are that X7 seems to have increased in complexity and reduced in user friendliness. I have DrawPlus X5 that I have used in tandem with PhotoPlus X5 but the relationship is not so cosy with PP X7, with more duplication/overlap. The PhotoPlus X7 Userguide is "economical" and more of an advertising pamphlet than a useful document. It's early days yet, but so far I am not comfortable with this upgrade, maybe because the User Guide is, in my opinion, not fit for purpose compared with other similar Serif products that I have.

On the plus side, functionality is comprehensive for the price, hence 3 stars rather than 2.”

Mrs Jean Floyd

13 Jan 2015

“The short answer is: It's wonderful -- easy to use, splendid means of organising a large collection, every possible facility for 'doing things' to individual photos, indispensable companion to WebPlus( now x8) etc. etc. I use it nearly every day”

Mrs Christine Haggar

12 Jan 2015

“Very good product, a rival to Photoshop at a realistic, fair price.”

Mr D Pymont

12 Jan 2015

“Just what I needed with plenty of features and helpful video tutorials.”

Mr Younis Alsaffar

11 Jan 2015

“I saw a few improvement from PhotoPlus X6, which I have. I like it very much.”

Mr Robert Harvey

11 Jan 2015

“Reasonably competent photo editing software, although it was very annoying when registering it that Serif tried to sell me an enhanced selection mask tool. come on, Lads, I just bought the product at full price and now you are telling me it could have been better? Oh, and trying to sell the books. Just irritating.

Has a really clever 'straighten' tool for correcting the horizon, and 'lens correction' as a way of correcting converging verticals, which does not work terribly well and would be better for some guidelines over the adjusted image. There is a silly grid thing for creating 'articistic' distortions, which no doubt appeals to adolescents.

Red-eye correction works well, the provided selection tools are reasonable, although could obviously be better, and the built-in guides to editing displayed on the left of the screen are very helpful to beginners who have not used this software before. The dust and scratch removal is really just an automated version of the cloning tool and produces mediocre results unless a lot of care is taken to work in very small areas.

Colour and Hue corrections work well, although remind me of PaintshopPro 7. I do get the impression this is aimed more at Portraiture than at Landscape or Architecture enthusiasts. That's why there are tools like "Adjust vibrance" and advice on smoothing skin. I have had some use out of Monochrome conversion, and there are a good range of options for that.

The range of adjustment and retouches does not seem to have advanced at all in the last five years, and I am surprised that neither HDR nor panorama stitching are included. I suppose that Serif want even more of my money for those. That's the way they carry on.

I bought this because I have been using the predecessors, and last time I did that was rather underwhelmed at the lack of progress. Foolishly I did the same again. It could do with a root-and-branch rewrite to bring it up to date and make the tools easier to use and easier to find before the inevitable upgrade for Windows 10.”

Mr Larry Johnston
Fort Wayne

10 Jan 2015

“I am new to photo editing and repairing old photographs. PhotoPlus X7 is so easy to use and to correct my mistakes. I love the improvements I can make with PhotoPlus X7 for damaged and bad photographs that I can share with family.”


9 Jan 2015

“This is the best PhotoPlus yet! The inclusion of features such as Lab Colour brings this package closer to the functionality of PhotoShop than ever before, and at a fraction of the cost.

Since I started with PhotoPlus X5, I have had an issue with the way the program was opening up my images, especially those direct from my camera (a range of different Nikon Digitals). The problem was that the images were all being opened at 96 d.p.i., thus leading to large image pixel counts, e.g.; A Nikon D5100 file has the pixel dimensions of 4928 x 3264 at a resolution of 300 d.p.i., and PhotoPlus was opening these up as being 15400 x 10200 at a resolution of 96 d.p.i. I am really pleased to note that this has now been addressed in this latest version of the program.

I find the video tutorials and the use of the Serif Community support very useful, and have found some great hints and tips from these sources.

If I were to have one gripe, it would be a small one. It would be great if ALL plugins and filters designed to be used with PhotoShop could also be used in PhotoPlus. Filters such as Lucis would be a great additional to a photographers arsenal. If it is already compatible, I apologise, it's just that I have been lead to understand that it does not work within the program environment, and if it is, I would appreciate someone telling me how to get it to work :)

So in closing... PhotoPlus X7 is a great budget image processing package that I recommend anyone to have a look at as a possible alternative to PhotoShop (in it's many guises), and generally it can be got a lot cheaper too.”

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