PhotoPlus X6

Photo editing just got easier

Edit and enhance photos of family, friends, and holidays in no time with the easy-to-use tools in our great-value, must-have photo editing software. Make simple, hassle-free fixes in minutes and achieve stunning results with professional features, all in PhotoPlus X6.

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Was $89.99
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Screenshot: Selection and Refinement
Selection and Refinement
Screenshot: HDR
Screenshot: Filter Gallery
Filter Gallery
Screenshot: Non-destructive Crop
Non-destructive Crop
Screenshot: Raw Editing
Raw Editing
Screenshot: Raw Editing
PhotoFix Studio

System Specs

Minimum requirements

Compatible with Windows 8
  • Windows-based PC with DVD/CD drive and mouse (main processor must support SSE2 instructions)
  • Microsoft Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP Service Pack 2 (32 bit) operating system
  • 512MB RAM
  • 821MB free hard disk space
  • 1024 x 768 monitor resolution

Optional Requirements

  • Windows-compatible printer
  • TWAIN compatible scanner and/or digital camera
  • Pressure-sensitive pen tablet
  • Internet account and connection required for accessing online resources

Other Notes

  • Additional disk resources and memory are required when editing large and/or complex images.
  • Internet connection required for accessing full set of tutorial videos.
  • Adobe® Flash® Player 9 or above required to view learning zone resources.

Detailed Feature Comparison

  Adobe Photoshop CS6 Adobe Elements 11 Serif PhotoPlus X6
Documents Tab No Yes Yes
How To Tab No Yes (Guided edits) Yes
Scroll zoom windows simultaneously Yes No Yes
Browse images files and folders with image browser Yes Yes Yes
Instant fix red eye removal Yes Yes Yes
Non-destructive crop Yes No Yes
PhotoFix for quick edits Yes Yes Yes
Raw Studio Yes (Camera Raw 5) Yes (Camera Raw 7.1) Yes
HDR Merge Yes Yes Yes
Non destructive adjustments Yes Yes Yes
Lens Filters Yes Yes Yes
Lens Vignetting Yes Yes Yes
Lens Distortions Yes Yes Yes
Depth of Field Blur Yes Yes Yes
Straighten Tool Yes Yes Yes
Noise reduction Yes Yes Yes
32-bit HDR Yes No Yes
Non-destructive Filter Layers Yes No Yes
Black and White Film effect Yes Yes Yes
Tilt shift effect Yes Yes Yes
Filter Gallery Yes Yes Yes
3D Painting using Depth Maps Yes No Yes
Blend modes Yes Yes Yes
Lanczos 3 Image Resize No No Yes
Image Cut out Studio No (cut out via Lasso tool) Yes Yes
Mesh Warp Tool Yes No Yes
Print Studio No No Yes
RGB and Greyscale modes with 8 and 16 bit support Yes No Yes
Before/After Split Screen [Studio improvement] No Yes Yes
Freeform RGB curve editing Yes No Yes
Individual RGB colour channel editing Yes No Yes
Recordable Macros Yes No Yes
Batch Processing with Macros Yes No Yes
Batch Resizing Yes Yes Yes
32-bit and 64-bit versions Yes Yes Yes
Vibrance adjustment slider Yes No Yes
Lossless JPEG No No Yes
Image Export Optimizer Only Web 4 formats No Yes
PSD Import and Export with layers Yes Yes Yes
QuickShapes Yes Yes Yes
Gradient Fills Yes Yes Yes
Photo tagging Yes (Bridge) Yes Yes
View photos on a map No Yes Yes
Send as Email No Yes (from organiser) Yes
Upload to Facebook and Flickr Yes (via Adobe Bridge) Yes Yes
Photo stacks Yes Yes Yes
Smart collections Yes Yes Yes
EXIF support Yes Yes Yes
(Home edition)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PhotoPlus X6 full 64-bit compatible?
Yes, a 64-bit version will be automatically installed on compatible computers.


Can my graphic file be imported?
PhotoPlus lets you import a vast selection of graphic file formats, including PhotoShop PSD files.
Is my camera’s Raw format supported by PhotoPlus X6?
PhotoPlus’s Raw support is extensive. Over 400 camera models are supported.
How do I use Raw Studio for Raw image manipulation?
Raw Studio is PhotoPlus’s integrated Studio for processing Raw images on import. A combination of tools for exposure and white balance control, along with highlight recovery, noise reduction, and more, lets you take full control of your photo. PhotoPlus also lets you reapply saved settings from your first adjusted Raw file to subsequent files.

Photo Editing Essentials

How versatile are the selection tools?
PhotoPlus selection tools let you create selection areas based on text, brush strokes, and shapes. Colour-based selection gives incredible power while editing.
Can I create caption text?
Text can be added as an independent layer. This means you can add caption, copyrights, and other messages in any font and size, exactly where you want it.
Can I cut out my image?
Yes. PhotoPlus’s Cut out Studio is used to paint regions that you want  to keep or discard. Brush strokes will snap to image edges for precise image cuts.
Does PhotoPlus offer non-destructive adjustments and filters?
Both adjustment layers and filter layers are important concepts in PhotoPlus. These let you apply an adjustment or filter as a layer, which can be manipulated like other layers. The resulting layer also lets you fine-tune the adjustment or effect, without affecting the original image.
I want to apply the same operations to all my photos. Do I really have to do this one by one?
No. With batch processing you can repeat tasks such as image resizing, resampling, changing file types/names, all at the same time without user intervention and the loading of each photo. When used in conjunction with preset and custom macros the possibilities are endless.

Photo Adjustments

Can I crop images to various sizes?
PhotoPlus not only lets you crop to common print sizes (7 x 5), but also crop to pixel. The latter is ideal for creating pixel-accurate web graphics.
How do I remove red eye?
PhotoPlus offers single-click red eye removal, either using the Red-Eye Tool or via PhotoFix, a powerful studio environment for photo adjustment.
I’m interested in using PhotoFix – What does it do?
PhotoFix is an integrated retouch and adjustment studio for quick and intuitive photo correction.

Photo Effects

What photo effects would be available to me?
Pick from categories such as Distort, Blur, Sharpen, Edge, Artistic, Noise, and Render. Make use of your third-party Photoshop® plug-ins, Deform, Warp, and powerful 2D/3D filter effects.
How can I give my photos that WOW factor?
PhotoPlus’s Filter Gallery is a studio environment packed with different effect categories. Effects are compelling and great fun to use!
I’d like to try HDR merge. Does PhotoPlus support this?
Yes! PhotoPlus lets you merge several "bracketed" photos (taken at different exposure levels), which lets you produce an output image with a wide tonal range.

Printing and Sharing

What choices do I have to print and share?
PhotoPlus’s powerful Print Studio can output single images, contact sheets, artistic layouts, and paper-saving layouts. Alternatively, create screen-ready or press-ready professional PDFs from your project.
How do I export my image?
The Export Optimizer lets you see how your image will look (and how much space it will take up) before you save it! Its multi-window display provides side-by-side WYSIWYG previews of image quality at various output settings, so you can make the best choice every time!

Great support

For more FAQs, online How Tos, and Troubleshooting articles, visit our extensive Knowledge Base.