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Customer Reviews

147 people who bought previous versions rated it 4.56 out of 5

Birch Michael
North wales

13 Nov 2014

“This software is so flexible it is amazing and just when you think it can't get better you head over to and there is so much more !

Love the software”

Mr Terry Rhines

11 Nov 2014

“I have found WebPlus X7 to be a very robust web design tool which easily incorporates photos, text, Google maps and youtube videos into a wide variety of professionally designed layouts.”

Mr andy glass
Kirkcaldy fife Scotland

9 Nov 2014

“I am using webplus x7 to construct a company website everything going great, easy to use, easy to understand, great results so far, user interface easy to use and help is always at hand highly recommend the product, I have used others but webplus x7 is easy to use and gives great results five stars”

Mr M Wilson

8 Nov 2014

“This is about the best stand alone web site production software I have used and it allows lots of very sophisticated tasks to be performed with relative ease. This software will allow you to produce a proper web site and not just a simple web page.

Serif as well as 3rd party developers produce a range of ready made web site templates for only a few pounds each and some of them are quite simply superb.

Its ease of use does mean that some of the coding done for HTML is not the most efficient, but this is a great program for learning how to start doing some really impressive web sites.

I cant imagine anyone who would not be able to use this software or gain something from its usefulness, ranging from complete novice to a professional web site designer.

Highly recommended. But try and get the most up to date version you can even though Serif do have some great offers on previous versions.”

Mr Phil C.

7 Nov 2014

“As with all the Serif Products, I think WebPlus x7 is an excellent choice. Serif WebPlus makes website building relatively easy.

Serif, in general, makes products that are affordable, efficient and simple to use while incorporating some very advanced features. In addition to having advanced design elements, WebPlus x7 has many tools to improve SEO rankings. I highly recommend all Serif products.”

Prof Carlos Alexandre

7 Nov 2014

“Excellent, I site in 1 hour, top too!”

Ms F Lee

6 Nov 2014

“Software excellent if complex to use. Does much more than manual indicates. A proper 'how to' manual in pdf form would be much more useful to study at leisure before starting. Any chance of that?”

Pastor Glen Dueck
Medicine Hat

6 Nov 2014

“This product is so easy to use! And it even comes with some free sample templates that can be used as a base to design your own amazing websites!”

Mr Kelly Steed
Port Angeles

6 Nov 2014

“Excellent program. Get your website up QUICKLY. Very easy to learn. Little learning curve compared to Dreamweaver with VERY similar results. Liked it enough to also pick up DrawPlus and PhotoPlus. Great combo. I would like to see a little better tech support though. I left support with an issue and never heard back. Definite 4.5 stars for the software though...”

Mr Rodney Phillips

5 Nov 2014

“I'm very much a novice at web-building but I've found WebPlus x7 reasonably easy to use and versatile. Customer Service was excellent.”

Mr K Harper

3 Nov 2014

“A Great product, simple to use. You can easily create a simple website using one of the templates or create your own.”

Mr Renan Zuniga

3 Nov 2014

“I find the color scheme very annoying and wish I could disable it completely! It should be an option to the user and not a default feature.

The feedback forms are useless to me and I couldn't figure out how to use them. After three days I decided to purchase a separate program that is much more user friendly and responsive with various screen sizes.

Importing web plus 6 sites is not as easy as the Serif claims. Slideshows get distorted and many hours of work are required.”

Mr Michael Tindall

1 Nov 2014

“I have used WebPlus X7 to rewrite my family history website, which was created using another product. Unfortunately none of the provided templates were suitable but I managed OK without them, albeit not as professionally as if one had fitted my needs. I will continue to develop my site as I gain more experience with your software and I think the tutorials are excellent at helping me achieve this. Currently, I need to use 2 or 3 other programs in addition to X7 to achieve everything I want to do, hopefully one day I will be able to reduce this to one. If you want to see my progress to date, look at:”

Mr John Penfold

1 Nov 2014

“A lot more functionality than the previous version I had (X2).
Sometimes the features are a bit difficult to find, and a couple of times I have had to go to the community for help.
The manual would be better if the functions were better explained as to what they do, rather than how to set them up.”

Mr Michael Davies

1 Nov 2014

“I found it difficult to transfer my web site from serif (x5) to my new X7 software version. Cannot find the number of hits counter.”

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