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12 people who bought this rated it 3.67 out of 5

Mr Arvind M

11 Feb 2014

“I have been using Adobe Dreamweaver for the past 8 years. Even though I was comfortable with that for the degree of modification options it provides, I wanted to try something that comes bundled with templates and easy learning curve. I tried many in the past and surprisingly never came across this. Now I use this. I came, I saw, I conquered. This is the amazing most software for the novice/beginners. Fantastic tool with lots of easy to use customization.”

Mr mehul parmar

28 Jan 2014

“i like all features.. all things easy and nicely managed.. in this software..

really i appreciate all team..

Thank you..”

Mr. Dick Houghton

27 Jan 2014

“I tried Webplus X6 then upgraded to X7. Considering what the prog does each time you make a change to the page as it apoears on screen in terms of generating HTML/XML code in background, it is impressive. The generated code looks very efficient. I used to make wb pages by directly writing HTML so I can appreciate what must be going on.
X7 has been completely reliable and has never stalled or crashed over about a couple of dozen hours of use on quite a low spec laptop running Vista Home Premium on a Celeron Core Duo processor. X6 did have some problems on a similar machine running Vista Home Basic with less powerful processor.
My main hang up with it is the assets management which so far U haven't got the hang of. I am sure it is useful but it needs some learning and is not as intuitive as the rest of the program.
Overall I think it is a wonderful facility forw eb site creation and would recommend it to anyone who wants to make a site in which most of the style and features are their own creation.”

Mr Salman Hassan
Tayyab Group

10 Jan 2014

“I have just 1 thing to say and that is OMG!
yes yes yes Web Plus X7 you are really awsome”

Michael Kush

30 Dec 2013

“I've done websites 'from scratch' in the past in HTML. I was not terribly impressed with earlier versions of WebPlus, going back about 6 years. Finding the need to redo the website of the Florida resort of which I am Marketing Consultant, I decided to give the X6 version a try...mostly because I regularly use PagePlus and find it a superior DTP program.

I now have to give WebPlus a "Great" 4-star rating. I think it's still helpful to have a knowledge of the code and what goes on in the background for the best results, but I believe most neophytes can use WebPlus with few issues and obtain decent results.

I hesitate on a 5-star rating only because I'm used to seeing more of the code. However, I had virtually no problems designing a 35-page website.”

Mr Glen Sibley

19 Dec 2013

“I transferred to Serif Web Plus from Microsoft Expression Web 4 after being frustrated in its inability to do complex tasks after clients requested certain design features and knowing the simplicity of doing complex tasks in Serif's Page Plus, Draw Plus and Movie Plus Packages and was delighted to be able to achieve what seemed impossible without learning a new language like PHP or Perl. Being a competent Graphic Designer I had Ideas of what I would like to achieve but could not do in Expression Web Between Draw Plus and Web Plus I could now offer very different and outstanding Web Site designs s that complied with my clients wish list. Very Useful that a number of Draw Plus Features are embedded in Web Plus Design tools and the Nav Bars and Button Design Tools are second to none making plain Web sites Very Lively(Clients Comment) Witt a clever strategy for folder locations for Supporting files like PODF's and images and where the .wpp files are located means that updating my laptop for Site visits only means copying one folder from my PC to my Laptop. all in all a much more efficient setup for Website development. Thank you Serif”

Mr Phil Lyons

18 Dec 2013

“I would rate WebPlus X7 at 4.9/5. I have used a couple of other website designers and this one is easy to use at any level although you can still come up with complex websites. I made mine from scratch and yet managed to get it exactly how I wanted it. If there is anything it doesn't have you can always find a way of adding it. e.g. Disqus, HTML code/widgets, etc.”

Mr Malcolm Reade

8 Dec 2013

“My first use of WebPlus7 this afternoon (I have been using other Serif products for many years) was to produce a couple of "New Web Site Coming Soon" temporary pages for my two domains.

The text was easy to add, size and format - colour, size, alignment etc and it looked great - until I previewed it in Internet Explorer.

What a dogs breakfast! one line of text placed over another - all completely unreadable. In the end I gave up and reverted to WebPlus6.

I wasn't going to rate this product until I had managed to talk to Serif about this issue, I thought it would be unfair, but I have to, so it gets a "big fat ZERO" (Terrible).”

Serif Says:

Hi Malcolm,

Sorry to hear you've been having problems. That is the sort of thing that tech support should be able to help you with.

I hope you'll consider another review after they have solved your problems.

Cheers - David

Mr John Banks

25 Nov 2013

“We changed our website from free Google Sites to WebPlus6. This has been a disaster. This is not a solution for a live ecommerce site as every change ends up with redoing most of the links. Time wasted trying to correct things that suddenly stop working. We have wasted a year of development and will now change to another product.”

Serif Says:

Hi John,

It seems like you're talking about the navigation links? If you use one of the built-in navigation controls (the display can be heavily customised) then the links will update automatically when you add/remove/change pages.

Hope this helps.

Cheers - David

Mr Randall Alford

24 Nov 2013

“After building websites from code for years I was thrilled to find WebPlus, which is simply a joy to use. I really enjoy the ease with which you can create a professional looking website quickly. The drag and drop simplicity is great for visual learners (like myself), and you don't need to know code. I especially like the cutout studio feature which enables you to remove the background from an image, and the wide selection of sliders, panels and graphics available in the asset library. You can also add video, although this function seems a bit outdated and clunky. The only improvements I could recommend would be enhanced features like full-width sliders and maybe even a responsive video player feature which would enable you to select, customize, resize and brand the player. Perhaps we'll see that in X7 or even as a separate addon...?!”

Dr Paul Moore

22 Nov 2013

“Like falling of a bike.”

Salah Rushdy

18 Nov 2013

“Very disappointing. I was expecting a lot more features. It still has the limitations of the previous versions. Plus, it does not support other language formats such as Hebrew, Arabic, etc.”