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Customer Reviews

42 people who bought this rated it 4.33 out of 5

Mr George Nixs

28 Sep 2015

“A brilliant way to compile your own website, edit and uploads are dead easy, highly recommended”

Mr Tony Strachan

26 Sep 2015

“WebPlus 8 is a considerable improvement on version 6, which was my previous package. It is also less prone to crashing, which is great!”

Mr Barry Baxter

23 Sep 2015

“I haven't really used it much but I have tried to get some existing website files into it that were done in DreamWeaver with no real luck. I guess it should be fine if I want to start from scratch, but that's not going to happen in the very near future.”

Mr hugh Henderson

18 Sep 2015

“Excellent Software, with no more than a rudimentary understanding of publishing software anyone can produce great looking websites.”

Mr Stephen Wilson

15 Sep 2015

Easy to construct and publish professional-looking sites from scratch.
Good site management and change tracking.
Very comprehensive range of features - as long as you are able to discover and control them!
Expensive (without the huge discount).
Over-complicated user interface - not very intuitive.
Steep learning curve required to reach even a moderate level of competence and understanding.
Very difficult to find a way of doing something that should be very simple.
Several times thought of giving up and reverting to another app.
Difficult or impossible to modify pre-selected templates to personalise the results.
Program doesn't always behave in the way you expect - there are some annoying bugs in it.
There is a lack of ability to swap between editing modes to fix errors and bugs, i.e. WYSIWYG, HTML, CSS, XML etc.
I can't understand the file management structure.
Online help and User and Resource Guides are useless - they don't answer the simplest of questions.”

Mr Kelvin Pate

15 Sep 2015

“Easy to get started and use but only critism is the e commerce which when you haven t done it before preview mode is an important learning tool.Unfortunately the payment gateways do not alway allow you to see what users would until you put the site online.”

Mr Alistair Biggar

10 Sep 2015

“Very easy to use and much better to other software I have used. Dreamweaver and Frontpage. Smashing slider effects and the main thing is you can get a website up and running very quickly. Updating your site is a skoosh and you really do not need to learn HTML any more to use it. I service 2 club websites and the members have noticed a big difference in presentation of them both. A really worthwhile buy.”

Mr Jack Graziano
West Palm Beach

9 Sep 2015

“Works for me! Put up one totally new site (DefendStixPlus) and totally updated my main site (HighImpactCopy) - all in less than two weeks.

The X8 seems far superior the the X6 - which I never quite got the hang of. This newer version is much easier to work with.”

Ms Anne Hargreaves

8 Sep 2015

“So far I am very pleased with this new edition of WebPlus X8. It seems to be a well-designed piece of software with some very promising and versatile features. As yet I have only been able to work with a pre-designed template. I found this to be a really good standard and I would not hesitate to use it as is. However, I am pleasantly surprised to find that the program allows access to the HTML and and CSS of sites which I am looking forward to using in the future. My only major concern is that only one non-Flash slideshow is provided given that some browsers will not now allow Flash due to security concerns.”

Mr Steve Stacey

8 Sep 2015

“bought it. set up website and very pleased with it. Had problems with sliders ... very erratic. Went on forums for help. said that I was a newbie and ended up being patronised ... we all have to start somewhere. They were some help... then I decide that actually I didn't need the slider.

Haven't noticed much difference from Webplus 6 though in all honesty.”

Mr Robert Curcio
point pleasant

2 Sep 2015

“learning something new everyday. gets easier to use the more you use it. Have created many interesting flyers and postcard ads. Was worth every penny so far”


1 Sep 2015

“As an experienced web designer and having used Dreamweaver for over 15 years I thought Web X was going to be just for beginners. What I have found is that it is a very clever piece of software that is great for beginners and experts alike. I have found that it save me loads of time as so much of the basic design work has been done for me. I like it an will continue to use it for most of my sites.

It has just 1 small problem in that it is not straight forward when uploading sites and alterations to a host server.

Apart from that I like it”

Mr George Mayo

27 Aug 2015

“Great product and improvement over version 7.”

Mr Chris Duff

27 Aug 2015

“Oh! please, let me tell you it is so FAB! As a user of X6, for which I had loads of problems, due to my own ignorance one might add LOL, this product is by far the most superior, not writing html, for which I have no idea how to write or how it works all alien to me, but lets me design my website the way I want it to be, a tour de force. One draw back is the lack of pc/mobile integration, for which I am sure Serif is aware and working on. You are FAB guys and look forward to future product from you. Thank you very much. christopher, tokyo. 4 stars because of mobile problem.”

Ms Heidi Muska

23 Aug 2015

“Works great now that I found the fix download for Windows 10. I am getting around good and love the hintline. :)”

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