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1 people who bought this rated it 5 out of 5

Mr Michael Kollar
Gig Harbor

23 Nov 2014

“Years ago I started to build my real estate web site in Microsoft Front Page. When they discontinued that I moved on to Net Objects Fusion (many versions). While that worked fine for about 5 years, then, all of a sudden, the program became corrupted and would only upload blank pages!!!! Ouch. NOF has the worst customer support on the planet and only by email. It also had its other share of problems that needed other work arounds. I knew I had to re-do my entire 500 page web site in another program. After much research (and eliminating Dreamweaver by the way) I settled on Serif Web Plus X6 and spent December 2008 or 9 recreating my site..... Ahhhg! but the improvements were exciting!

From that point on it has been a pleasure all the way up to this latest version X8 which I just downloaded. After a couple of crashes I called Serif customer support. They asked if I was importing a version X7 file. I told them yes and within 2 minutes had the problem solved by having me un-check 2 radio button in an area under the "tools" tab.

This program is far superior to whatever I have used in the past. Yes, there is lots to learn and features I have never gone into but for a fairly complicated web site with multiple menus and ever changing client pages within, this program rocks on all counts. I could go on forever on all the features but my web site at says it all and 98% of what you see is drag and drop with very little manual coding tweaks. They even added framed pages to the software years ago and as as I remember it, I was the one who made the suggestion. Thanks Serif for this awesome product and for your incredible and quick live customer support.”