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Customer Reviews

55 people who bought this rated it 4.33 out of 5

Mr Brian Keen
Riccall York

19 Nov 2015

“A brilliant east to navigate proframme compared to the one my wife uses, What impressed me most was the tutorial - it is so important to be able to understand the tutor and this ticks all the right boxes. Clear well spoken and easy for beginners like myself.”

Mr Simon Wezel

18 Nov 2015

“Having used several web site software, I can not fault WebPlus 8, it is lovely to work with this program”

Mr Patrick Bagnall

7 Nov 2015

“As usual another first rate quality product from Serif.

Web Plus 8 is extremely user friendly. you could easily get a basic site on-line very quickly using one of the many professional templates which come with the package.

You don't have to be an expert web designer to use Web Plus 8 but if you are all the tools you might need are there.

A five star first class software package.

Keep up the good work Serif.

Thank you”

Reine Smith

5 Nov 2015

“WebPlus 8 is more or less WebPlus 7 with added items I haven't as yet used. In 21 years this is the second program I have used that I liked out of many I have tried.”

Mr David Wilson

31 Oct 2015

“I have used a number of wedsite creating tools both online builders and offline softwares over around 10 years but have always found myself coming back to the latest version of Serif Webplus. It is easy to use, really flexible and you dont need to know any coding at all, you can use code if you know it but you can still create an awesome fully customised site without any coding knowledge. There are lots of very helpful web apps built-in like social media plugins and google maps, even ecommerce tools. Its a great product that i would gladly recommend.”

Mr Michael Homan

27 Oct 2015

“I like the software a lot, yet it gives me trouble. It seems to load and refresh slow, some of the features are geared for... in my opinion, upsells or third party free emailing, such as the site search, blog, and a few other features that you need to sign up for an account to use.I also wished it had a better way to zoom and better help. I looked in the guide and online for a simple explanation of installing the site search. Like I said, I like your program a lot, but those things are a few I noticed in my usage. It's much easier to use than the old html editors. The preview gets hung up, but the preview online works fine. All and all, I would still recommend it to others.”

Mr Dudley Brooke

18 Oct 2015

“Very easy to use, yet surprisingly powerful.”

Mr B Hopkins

13 Oct 2015

“I have a problem where I could cut cells from an Excel spreadsheet and paste into a webpage using paste special picture metafile using WebPlus 7, with * I just get a blank box , with nothing; if I use the enhanced metafile paste I lose some of the properties (colour fill)”

Mr Ron Stevens

12 Oct 2015

“It's not bad. I had WebPlus4 and had to upgrade do to computer changes. In some ways the #4 was easier to use, The couple of things I dont care for in #8 is the fact that you can not enlarge the pictures that are put in a gallery. Once they are there, that's it. There are some of the things in the program that are not all that easy to use and are not explained well, the flyers for instance. I am also not a big fan of the assets, I found it had to add items.”

Mr Thomas Hanson

8 Oct 2015

“Overall a good product. This software allows non-programmers to construct a professional looking website.”

Mr Marcelo Pupkiewicz

6 Oct 2015

“Great tool, easy to use.
Functions are intuitive, and it is easy to generate the desired page appearance.”

Mrs A Whieldon

2 Oct 2015

“The new version works like a champ and has lots of features. The version allowed a smooth transition from X6 to X8. Looking forward to continuing to explore all the features.”

Mr kenneth Alrick

1 Oct 2015

“I used Frontpage for years. I found Web Plus to be the best replacement. There is many things Frontpage does better.”

Mr George Nixs

28 Sep 2015

“A brilliant way to compile your own website, edit and uploads are dead easy, highly recommended”

Mr Tony Strachan

26 Sep 2015

“WebPlus 8 is a considerable improvement on version 6, which was my previous package. It is also less prone to crashing, which is great!”

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