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Customer Reviews

80 people who bought this rated it 4.22 out of 5

Mr Danna Chiasson

26 Jan 2016

“Taking away the green check mark for the hidden panels was a step backwards.

Please correct this with an update patch.

Overall happy with the upgrade.”

Mr Dan Bauer

12 Jan 2016

“After trying at least a dozen other web development software I can honestly say that WebPlus x8 beats them all hands down in terms of ease of use. I'm a relative novice and I've found the tutorials extremely helpful. Add to that, the assistance available by calling the 1-800 number has been invaluable.”

Mr Barry Heil

8 Jan 2016

“I have tried many different products for managing websites and this product is one of the easiest. I started with WebPlus X5 and continually upgrade for many added features. I do not use their web hosting services so it was a little difficult in the beginning working with forms, but my ServiceProvider assisted in getting this to work. If I didn't have an established relationship with my SP I would have changed. Love the Asset Manager especially when updating seasonal information and the resources are already at hand.”

Mr A Francis

6 Jan 2016

“Excellent program and very easy to use........”

Mr George Rodriguez
Millbury MA

6 Jan 2016

“Hi, I've enjoyed working with WebPlus X5 when I started and now using version X8 and it is still number one for Web design for me!
You folks are great and the software is amazing!

Great Job People keep up the good work!


Mr arthur marshall

4 Jan 2016

“Excellent - it has a couple of new bits that have enabled me to improve the sites I run, and that's after only a couple of days use afetr uprating from 7.
What I really appreciate though, is the response from the company when Microsoft issued a security update which trashed part of WebPlus' systems. Within days, a work-around was published on the community site and an email was sent to those who had submitted crash reports pointing to the solution. This is first rate customer service and I doubt any other company would do it - and it's why I tend to use Serif products whenever I can.”

Mr John Alexander

3 Jan 2016

“not a lot i also have WYSIWYG web maker and it offers more and is easier to use,like how to enlarge an image when you click on it,and to add a password to my page while im under construction with out going through all that web resource paraphernalia.

sorry you did ask but im still working on it.and as i have dementia it is so frustrating”

Mr dietmar weber

3 Jan 2016

“Am Anfang scheint alles schwer zu finden zu sein aber nach ein paar tagen kommt man gut zurecht

Ich benutze auch andere Software aber die Möglichkeiten hier sind sehr vielseitig.

Das einzige was mich stört ist das der Support im Forum auf englisch ist, der Rest ist aber ok.”

Ms Bonnie Austin

3 Jan 2016

“I am just going through the Getting Started tutorial and am already impressed. There are so many features that a newbie like me could never figure out how to integrate. Please ask me again, when I have published my "first ever" website.”

Mrs R Molaro

1 Jan 2016

“So far it seems to be exactly like X7”

Mr Andrew Forbes

31 Dec 2015

“It is easy to use and provides everything I need to create stunning and informative websites.”

Mr Derek Duddington

31 Dec 2015

“The only disappointment I have is that text boxes do not automatically overflow as they did in previous versions, you have to manually edit the text to fit the box, very time consuming !”


31 Dec 2015

“My wife LOVES the WebPlus 8 program! She's been using Serif's products since PagePlus 3. She likes the products so much that she also requested PagePlus 9. She also have PagePlus 9 now”

Mr Doug Parent

28 Dec 2015

“I was already using Webplus 7 and I haven't got to use WebPlus 8 much yet but so far it has a few more bells and whistles that I am tinkering with.”

Mrs Diane Soper

26 Dec 2015

“I like that there are so many possibilities. I hesitate to give it a 'rating' at this time, since I would feel biased. I would want to give it a top rating, even though I can't rightfully do so as it is. I find that it still shuts down on me. I am not sure why, so I have to stop to save my work, whenever I feel I have made some progress in and area that I don't want to take a chance on loosing, before I try something else. At the same time, I still change my mind a lot, and still experiment many times only to find that I don't like the 'new idea', and want to take it back to 'the last good spot', so I have set my automatic save time to be longer. Maybe you could make some kind of auto-save, that would have steps to it? Also, I probably am just not so smart, but I am having trouble getting ...just one or two pages uploaded into my present site, to slowly remodel my way outdated site. Just trying to find my files in WINDOWS these days is an EXTREME challenge! ...But that isn't really the problem here, I don't think?...It seems that just finding where the computer, (this part is said with sarcasm,) so kindly stored my files for me, wastes a lot of my time!...I kind of feel the same with trying to find the place to add pages to my already running website. I am having a challenge with; How do I make these pages simple HTML files, to drag and drop them in? So I really love the software, but since I still find problems, I probably should give it about a 3 stars, ...but I am biased with liking it... I hope you can make sense of all this, as I am not always top on explanations, even when I can remember what I am explaining. You might not want to publish this, since it might be more feedback than review? I am not sure exactly where one starts and the other begins.”

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