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Customer Reviews

121 people who bought this rated it 3.93 out of 5

Mr David Siddons

8 May 2016

“I have just upgraded from X5 to X8 and apart from being able to alter the height of pages by dragging the bottom, i haven'y noticed much difference. It is of course an excellent programm that makes simple web design a doddle, but there are one or two things that annoy me. The first is the absence of a fully comprehensive manul (even the one on the C D that you can download and print off(169pp) doesn't cover everything. I had an error message come up and I put the critical word in the message into the help search box and got nothing. I only found out what it meant by googling it. So a FULLY comprehensive manual is essential - otherwise how do you know what the software is capable of doing? I would also like to see more variety of designs for the photo galleries - all of the ones supplied are essentially the same.There is no advice about what the best width of page is, so that the website displays properly on most computers. I made the nmistake of setting it at 1500 pixels, which meant that the first time I tried it out on another computer, it didn't fit. Serif support, however, is excellent, and explained to me why it's best to keep the width to 1100 pixels max. One new feature (at least I think it's new) is the ability to 'publish' the website to a disc. I was designing a website for a customer, and so was able to send it to them on a disc for them to check (or even send it online using Wetransfer, for example)”

Mr Randall Dally

7 May 2016

“Not impressed at all. Went to upgrade from Webplus 6 to Webplus 8. Uploaded my website and all the text and spacing was wrong. Very disappointed that product is not compatible between versions. Had to re-upload using Webplus 6 to fix the errors and will continue to use it.”

Mr. David Siddons

3 May 2016

“This is certainly an excellent piece of software which is easy to use and does the job. However, my one major criticism is the lack of a comprehensive manual. The printed booklet that comes with it is virtually useless. But even the 160 page User Guide that you have to print yourself off the disc doesn't, on its own admission "cover all product functionality", but advises the user to use the help feature in the program itself. But even that doesn't seem to cover everything.For example, I clicked on a master page item and saw the message 'promote from master page'. Not knowing what it meant I searched for 'Promote' in the Help facility, but it came up with nothing. I eventually found out about it by googling 'promote from master page webplus'.

There were several other problems I came across for which there was no help anywhere. What it needs is a properly indexed fully comprehensive book that covers ALL functions of the software.”

Kelvin kellett

25 Apr 2016

“This is definitely not for the faint hearted....I'm sure this is more than capable than creating a great web site... just a matter of if the person behind the keyboard is !
I'm finding it increasingly frustrating ... some of the methods to produce what should be simple tasks in there approach just defy logic.
Templates and selective previews aren't clear enough before making a choice”

Mr Graham Kitto

22 Apr 2016

“Web design aspects are good, extensive and relatively easy to use.
However have encountered difficulties uploading site to new , different web hosting server. This aspect of the site is not intuitive or straight forward.”

Mr Graham Strong

21 Apr 2016

“I have just purchased Serif WebPlus X8.
Initially I was overwhelmed at all the settings, but after a short while reading the manual I managed to grasp the basics of creating a website.
Yes, it's good, and unusual these days to get a book to read (user manual) and a disc to install from. Call me old-fashioned but that's the way things were!
There are some restrictions - like it doesn't open html pages, but there are workarounds. It saves your website onto a hard drive for backup and uploading can be incremental or full.
I did find the conversion from a 'desktop' to 'mobile' site very time consuming but in time will no doubt get the hang of it.
Overall, yes I'm very pleased with my purchase (especially as a Serif customer I got a discounted price).
Much better than WordPress, less versatile than Dreamweaver but easir to use (in my opinion).”

Mr Randy Christiansen
Stansbury Park

13 Apr 2016

“WebPlus X8 is relatively easy to use. What I don't like is the fact that this is the last version and it will not be updated or upgraded. This means that I will, at some point, have to learn yet another web creation application.

Other than that this product is well written and quite user friendly.”

Mrs Alexandra Hartan

11 Apr 2016

“Your videoplayer does not work!!! Even the loaded video file is streamable ("yes" in the streamable column), it's not possible seeing it, on the desktop version or mobile version.
I loaded your template on [link removed] and tried to visualize it from different devices (desktop or mobile) and didn't worked. The single file I could see on a desktop was the ".flv", but even the ".flv" file didn't work on mobile devices.”

Mr Paul Coles

7 Apr 2016

“I think it's a brilliant piece of software. Not being a techy I actually found it intuitive and quite easy to use. Only problem is .......it is addictive - how many hours are you prepared to lose entwined in it's grasp!!!

Have fun playing and creating!”

Mr Brosnic

2 Apr 2016

“Purchased this product because my host has switched to SFTP and while he still allows FTP webplus 6 wouldn't connect. I was assured this wouldn't be a problem with WebPlus x8. After installing the first problem was importing my existing work. Once imported is scrambled everything and the work had to be redone in large part. And then I could connect fine but half way through the upload I would get an error that public_html could be created yet it was created and that's were I was loading to. I could load the site without issue using Winscp. Upon calling customer support I was first told it was a server side issue. I quickly disproved that claim. Then I gave support control to try for themselves and the guy simply tried to upload and did nothing more than look around. I was then told the the ftp client in the program just isn't compatible with many servers.

So I have the product which cant do what I need. Compared to webplus 6 the products are almost identical with very little actual upgrade that means anything. This is an old outdated program with a face lift. Amounting to no more than lipstick on a pig. My advice is don't buy and go elsewhere. There are better programs for half the cost.”

Mr Trevor Parkins
High Wycombe

22 Mar 2016

“I am generally very happy with the product and it seems to do most things I want.
I find the help pages are not comprehensive and there are many features which are not explained.
I would have liked my pages to be responsive so that they can be viewed properly on an i-phone but this feature does not seem to be available.
I cannot find a way for a form to retain user input when the user has looked at another page and then returned (e.g. referring to 'terms and conditions' before pressing 'Submit'.”

Mr Mark Warhaft
Winnipeg, Canada

19 Mar 2016

“Just upgraded from WebPlus X6 which was a great product. X8 is even better with its auto-error correction and other features. I especially like that it now corrects text overflow in text frames. Makes perfect web sites now!

Over the years I have bought all the major Serif products. I use them all all the time...

Best, Mark in Canada”

Mr Michael Mish

19 Mar 2016

“I have been a WebPlus owner for many years. All my clients are wanting a responsive site, and I do realize that the structure of the program doesn't include a responsivenesspossibility, but, I can tell you it's been a huge disappointment for me such that I've had to build sites under different platforms...disappointing because I love everything about WebPlus and always have

Mr George Boakye-Asare

18 Mar 2016

“I would love to give five star rating but then there is no video accompanying the CD. The software is great and the hand book is great but it would be a lot better if there is a comprehensive video with it.”

Mr Walter Weidenbacher

16 Mar 2016

“Love X7. Purchased, installed, but have yet to use X8. Got an error message when I installed it, but it appears to be working ok.”

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