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Customer Reviews

24 people who bought this rated it 4.46 out of 5

Mr Olav Hovdhaugen

10 Aug 2015

“I been using Serif Webplus since 2008 and have had several versions of the software. The Webplus 8 is the best so far I've tried out, and I am able to do what I want with it and get good feedback from my visitors”

Mr p Cunliffe

9 Aug 2015

“Very good piece of software and is ideal for what I need to build websites, the only problem I have is my clients need access to there website and as far as I'm aware there is no way of achieving this which limits me as to how many I can build

I hope this could be resolved in future versions of web plus as it is a great piece of kit”

Mr Jim Wilken
Corpus Christi

8 Aug 2015

“The learning curve is small and the results are great.”

Mr Robert Miller

4 Aug 2015

“I am finding the W+8 to be a great product.

Simple to use wizards and menus.

Congratulations on the best WebPlus product yet!


Mr Brian Lovegrove

29 Jul 2015

“Pleased with software and additions over my webplus x5”

Mrs. Julie Couch
Ashburn, VA, USA

29 Jul 2015

“WebPlus X8 is all you need to create a professional looking website without having to be able to code. Very easy to use with drag and drop functionality and helpful user guides. Affordable software which kicks quite a punch for the money.”

Mr Gerald Hughes

29 Jul 2015

“An intuitive package that covers all aspects normally required to generate professional websites along with the tools to implement them.”

Mr Lawrence Milbourn

29 Jul 2015

“Still early days but the product feels good. Faster than previous versions with a lot of new features. I was hoping that communal working was going to be a lot more straightforward but at first sight it looks a bit awkward. Maybe I need to tackle the manual rather than rely on native wit! Thumbs up so far.”

Mr RL Henson

23 Jul 2015

“Good Product but
The Menu's area is still not good from Serif for WebPlus. Sizing, colors, and variety seem to be near what we have seen with this for years and the menu's are not pretty and do not look strong - especially horizontally.”

Mr Harry Wilkinson

14 Jul 2015

“I have used the last several WebPlus programs. The biggest advantage I have seen in X8 is the Task Monitor. I can overlook simple mistakes and the monitor points them out and either fixes them or tells you what needs to be done to correct the problem.

My website is simple so I do not get into many of the features that are available.”

Dr Andrew Manley

8 Jul 2015

“This is the third Webplus product I have ordered and I am very comfortable with it. I would highly recommend it for anyone. It is great having control over changes and updates as needed without the expense of paying someone else to do it.

Well done Serif...”

Hoyle Osborne

7 Jul 2015

“This is at least the third version of WebPlus I have purchased and used. I just uploaded a new version of my main website, edited in WebPlus X8.

In most ways, my website is fairly simple, although it does have quite a few pages. However, I do need to be able to embed audio files on some pages, and I need to be able to sell merchandise.

WebPlus X8 handled these functions with relatively little trouble. There were a few times when the program let me know that something was not going to work, and I was able to make the fixes fairly easily.

The one thing that gave me enough trouble that I had to go to the Serif users' forum for advice had to do with embedding audio files. The brief explanation is that when I pasted in the addresses for the audio files, I was inadvertently pasting over, therefore deleting, the http:// part of the address. I didn't find enlightening information in the on-line manual for WPX8, so I took the question to the users' forum. The very first reply came within minutes, and gave me the information I needed. Another fifteen replies came in, getting progressively more obscure and technical.

I am a pianist and a composer. My interest in computer technology is strictly on a need-to-know basis. I find out that computers can do a task better than the old way, so I acquire the required software and hardware and hammer away until I get it right.

I have been using Serif software for most of my graphics needs as long as I've had a computer running on Windows. I couldn't honestly say whether another family of graphics programs work better or worse.

That reminds me, however, that my first experience with a graphics program came as part of a musician's job. I worked as assistant cruise director on the Mississippi River paddlewheel steamboat Delta Queen in the early 1990s. It was only after I was on board, on the job, that I was told that, in addition to giving musical performances, producing the daily newsletter was part of my duties.

The newsletter was created in PageMaker. The cruise director knew how to make the changes from the templates, but he did not really know how to explain what he was doing, and there was no manual aboard. We went through some very long sessions of trying to get everything to work. Still, I grew to like the process, and got to be much better at that part of the job than my boss was.

After that engagement was done, I saw an ad for PagePlus in a computer magazine, that seemed to say that PP could do everything that PageMaker did, at a fraction of the cost. Perhaps because of my experience with PageMaker, once I had my own PP, I found that everything was easy.

By now, I have created hundreds of posters, newsletters, postcards, and even Facebook memes with PagePlus, and I have had websites created with WebPlus up and running for many years.

I have told dozens of people about my satisfaction with Serif programs. So long as I watch for the deals, I manage to buy the programs at what seem to be very reasonable prices. I've now used Serif programs for more than ten years, and I doubt that I'll ever use another company's graphics programs.”

Mr Richard Bruner

1 Jul 2015

“I upgraded from 6 specifically to host videos on my own server, can't seem to get it to work. Also since the upgrade things that worked previously have stopped working and I can't seem to get them sorted out.
Over all I think Web Plus to be a good product. But it seems I am going to have to rethink my whole web design to get things to work.”

Mr Raymond Hinton

30 Jun 2015

“Very easy to use by a beginner and has loads of creative gadgets. vey pleased.”

Mr Kent Busse

30 Jun 2015

“Mistake #1: I do not want CD delivery with paper copy. When I find a downloadable replacement for WebPlusX8, I will probably go that route.
Mistake #2: I hated the phone-up registration, which was a cheap-shot attempt to force me to listen to a quarter hour of high-pressure hype I definitely did not want to hear. Better products electronically provide an unlock key and that is that.
Mistake #3: Frequent product upgrades are welcome, but the price is going off the scale. I'm used to $20 increments, not $60. I don't plan to continue upgrading.
------ I have not yet had time to test the new version. The FORUM software included in version X7 fell short of the phpBBS version, so I had to install phpBBS instead of the WebPlus forum. I have not had time to test whether the missing features have been put into X8.
------ KUDOS
------ So far I have not found any other product that is so thorough in its possibilities as WebPlus. I can indeed do many different things all from the basic WebPlus site-building screen. Your integration is ever so convenient to use.
------ It is becoming important to design separately for desktop and mobile devices, with automatic selection of format. I'm glad to have help with that.
------ I do plan to choose templates and especially upgrade my sliders once I have time to explore X8, to give my site a more unified appearance.”

Serif Says:

Thanks for the review Mr Busse.
All our products are available as download versions - if you are buying online, just click the 'Download Now' button.
Also, you are able to register online as well, just select 'Product Registration' from the 'Support & Community' drop down menu at the top of the website.
I hope that helps for future purchases!

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