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Customer Reviews

136 people who bought this rated it 3.93 out of 5

Mr Tom Cole

22 Sep 2016

“I've grown with WebPlus from WP5 through 6/7 & 8. now I'm reaping some small reward helping small business'”

Mr Soumya pareek

6 Sep 2016

“Sabse acha software jo ki ajj tak mene chalaya hai. Yeh software mene karibb 4 mahine pahele kharida hai. Aur mujhe bahut acha laga.”

Ms Janelda Mitchell

25 Aug 2016

“I was tasked with creating an intranet site. I had three weeks. I remembered that a colleague used an old version of WebPlus, so I did a Google search. You were easy to find, easy to order, and on its way to me in no time.
Then with Resource Guide in hand and the software opened, I began my intranet. I have to say the instructions were easily followed. I'm not complete but will be by next week. All within my time frame.
Thank you, WebPlus X8!”

Mr Teerawat Nimboonchaj
Rego park

17 Aug 2016

“Some of the feature is difficult to use take sometime to understand. Sometime program hang after help is press and if wrongly press function program is stop not responding, have to reboot the program or sometime the system again.”

Mr Henk Drenth

17 Aug 2016

“It's a pitty that this version is not translated into Dutch. So 1 star less.

Overall i'm satisfied with this product. It's easy to work with and in no time I can design and upload a new website.”

Mr. David Williams

16 Aug 2016

“I have used Webplus for quite a few years now and I find it a remarkable piece of software. Easy to use, a bunch load of features and a good price.

I was going to upgrade to X8 but that doesn't create sites that can be viewed on mobiles and pc's. Its a fixed static system nd Google scores websites down on fixed sites.

I recently got one of my websites completely redisigned for the modern age by a couple of guys in India (People per hour) for £100. I contact them by SKype and email. It's just too easy.

So sprry Serif, you only get 2 for not keeping up.

In passing the community forums where you can get answers to your questions is the best I have ever been on. It is so well moderated and answers have always been forthcoming within just a few minutes sometimes.”

Mr Jeffrey Harris

16 Aug 2016


I am afraid that I find WebPlus X8 useless for my application, unless of course I am missing something somewhere!!!

I wanted your Product to be used to update etc my old web site www.pabay.org which comprises pdf pages, word docs, htm and html pages.

Perhaps you can point me in the right direction in order that I can use your product.”

Mr Paul Cruz

31 Jul 2016

“I have been using the WebPlus Products for over 6 years. I upgrade every time a new version comes out because they make it easier with more options to use every time. The support staff are excellent. Like any other web site building program, you have to know their is detail and lots of options and things to do to help build your web site in the program. If you are not computer savy and do not like programs with lots of detail then you shouldn't be building web sites. I see the comments and issues people have. This program will not build it for you. You have to use it to build the web site.Its a web site building tool not a servant. I stand by this program and serif as they offer the best easy to use PC web designer programs and graphics programs along with being some of the nicest people to talk to on the phone. Keep up the great work Serif. Excellent programs!”

Mr Duncan Sanders

28 Jul 2016

“I'm a novice and found WebPlus7 fairly easy to use, but when I got WebPlus8 and transferred the site I had built it wasn't the same and I cannot see what I have to do to to correct as site checker doesn't help.
Also I wanted to be able to see what it looks like on different screens, tablets or smart phones. But when packed into a folder and zipped to send it didn't work properly, I cannot find out why.
I'm sure a more knowledgeable person can make it work. I gave it 4 stars because I'm sure it has potential.”

Mr Richard Waguespack

23 Jul 2016

“Overall, I have never used a better web publisher. The CONTROL and versatility over the details of your website cannot be surpassed by any WYSIWYG tool that I know of. This is true quality. There is a 'small plus' learning curve, but this is an investment worth making. If it had less complexity it would disappoint you later on when your emerging needs / creativity look for more technology! The developers at Serif are extremely insightful -- the value of this product should not to be underestimated.”

Mr Tiza Joseph

5 Jul 2016

“I have been using Webplus for almost 5 years now and I must say I love it and there's never going to be switch over for me because all I want is in Webplus.

All I want them to do is keep update it so we (The consumers) won't get stocked.”

Mrs Zenaida Valentine

4 Jun 2016

“Easy to learn and I understand but want to now if I need to remove the navigation tool been set up from the template.”

Mr Joe King

27 May 2016

“Have dealt with Serif for many many many from four years from four address's.. Recently bought drawplus 8 and page plus as well as web plus. VERY Disappointed that the usual direction book was not sent with the web plus disc and that it has now to be purchase separately.
No sliders were included. I do understand that one can telephone for them but I AM DEAF and unable to use the telephone. I have send at email requesting them but a chat line to your company would have helped. For it's cost the book and sliders should have been included!
I understand that you are not making further versions, but you should .Wordpress and other free ones are a lot of rubbish. I have already moved on to an HTML editor. The Web plus did help me but with the missing sliders and missing instruction book I would hesitate to recommend it.
Whilst we are in email contact the real problem with Page Plus is that the conversion to Winword did not work. I understand from a friend in the trade this may be because I am still using word2007. I do not see why I should have to upgrade to later versions of word, My one is sufficient to do most of what I want”

Mr John Fradet

24 May 2016

“I am disappointed to learn that this product is the last of its kind. Will you have a product to take the place of WebPlus X 8 for web development?”

Mr Jim Horan

13 May 2016

“Having just updated from WebPlus X6 I can tell that this version looks to be much more intuitive. The slider component seems to be bug free and much easier to construct. So far I am very happy to have updated.”

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