WebPlus X7

Design your ideal website without limitations

HTML5 is here!

You don’t need to lift a finger to enjoy HTML5, the latest in web design coding. Enjoy cleaner, more compact code and efficient CSS styling, for a site that is faster and compatible with more devices.

Open websites made in an older version of WebPlus and export them in HTML5, to experience improved output and HTML5 efficiency. Remember you don’t need any coding experience to benefit from HTML 5; WebPlus X7 takes care of it for you.

Your player, for your videos!

Play and stream MP4 videos on your site with this slick new video player*. Simply drop the player anywhere on your site, easily adjust the size, layout and other properties and choose whether to play a single video or even put together a playlist. Your new video player is supported on tablets and smartphones and doesn’t depend on YouTube or Vimeo to play videos.

More power to create

As WebPlus works natively in 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, it’s now faster than ever to create an amazing website. Designing large or feature rich web pages will never slow you down and the best part is WebPlus X7 automatically detects your operating system and offers you either 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on what system you have.

The all-new Form Designer

Use the smart drag and drop form builder to design a fully customisable form that you can use on your website. Choose from a selection of ready-made templates including feedback forms, contact us and sign up forms which you can use anywhere on your page or even design your own from scratch! Add and adjust each field with simple tools and protect against spam and invalid entries. Once you’ve designed a great form, save it for future use, as an asset.

Get me started quickly!

A brand new Startup Assistant offers instant access to the latest tutorials and a quick search for web templates. You can even read the latest WebPlus news and expert articles as soon as they are published. All are keyword searchable so there’s no trawling through information to get to what you need.

Guest booking the easy way

Perfect for small hotels and bed & breakfast websites; the new and fully customisable Accommodation Booker is a quick, easy and convenient way for guests to book rooms in your hotel. It’s easy to set up and flexible, allowing you to alter fields including room rates, room types and completely manage all your bookings quickly and effectively.

YouTube player

Enjoy new player controls when you use YouTube videos on your site and create playlists streamed straight to your site from a list of videos or a YouTube user’s channel.

Add buttons and objects even quicker

Use the new Insert Asset menu to add buttons, icons and graphics to your website from the Asset Tab even quicker! Remember you can also save assets and settings for later use.

Slider animation options

Adjust the speed and motion of your image sliders, for example how quickly they move from image to image for a more professional appearance.

Return to your work with ease

WebPlus X7 restores your previous design session right down to the page you had open and even how far you were zoomed in on an object so you can always return to exactly where you were.

The expert, export optimiser

Export images at a higher quality, without increasing file size with the new Super Sampled setting. Preview changes instantly and compare the appearance of different image settings side by side.

Colour management

The Colour Scheme Designer now lets you add or replace your current site palette, giving you even more control over your site’s colour theme.

A more efficient workspace

An improved, more flexible and fully customisable user interface helps you work the way you want.

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re 100% sure you’ll love any purchase you make from Serif, but if you’re not completely satisfied, simply return your product within thirty days (seven days if you downloaded) and we promise you a full refund.

*Please note, the video player within WebPlus X7 is provided by Flowplayer. The size, style, colour and buttons are all fully customisable within WebPlus X7. However, the video player contains Flowplayer branding. An additional fee is payable to Flowplayer to remove the Flowplayer logo and link from the video player.